Krishnan, G. Sai Sundara

Computational Intelligence, Cyber Security and Computational Models

Krishnan, G. Sai Sundara - Computational Intelligence, Cyber Security and Computational Models, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Keynote Address

1. The Robber Strikes Back
Anthony Bonato, Stephen Finbow, Przemysław Gordinowicz, Ali Haidar, William B. Kinnersley, Dieter Mitsche, Paweł Prałat, Ladislav Stacho

2. Some Applications of Collective Learning
Balaraman Ravindran

3. Subconscious Social Computational Intelligence
M. Graña

4. Modeling Heavy Tails in Traffic Sources for Network Performance Evaluation
Vaidyanathan Ramaswami, Kaustubh Jain, Rittwik Jana, Vaneet Aggarwal

5. The Future of Access Control: Attributes, Automation, and Adaptation
Ravi Sandhu

6. Optimal Control for an M


/G/1/N+1 Queue with Two Service Modes
Rein D. Nobel, Adriaan A. N. Ridder

Part II. Computational Intelligence

7. A Novel Approach to Gene Selection of Leukemia Dataset Using Different Clustering Methods
P. Prasath, K. Perumal, K. Thangavel, R. Manavalan

8. A Study on Enhancing Network Stability in VANET with Energy Conservation of Roadside Infrastructures Using LPMA Agent
T. Karthikeyan, N. Sudha Bhuvaneswari

9. An Intuitionistic Fuzzy Approach to Fuzzy Clustering of Numerical Dataset
N. Karthikeyani Visalakshi, S. Parvathavarthini, K. Thangavel

10. ELM-Based Ensemble Classifier for Gas Sensor Array Drift Dataset
D. Arul Pon Daniel, K. Thangavel, R. Manavalan, R. Subash Chandra Boss

11. Hippocampus Atrophy Detection Using Hybrid Semantic Categorization
K. Selva Bhuvaneswari, P. Geetha

12. Hyper-Quadtree-Based K-Means Algorithm for Software Fault Prediction
Rakhi Sasidharan, Padmamala Sriram

13. Measurement of Volume of Urinary Bladder by Implementing Localizing Region-Based Active Contour Segmentation Method
B. Padmapriya, T. Kesavamurthi, B. Abinaya, P. Hemanthini

14. Improved Bijective-Soft-Set-Based Classification for Gene Expression Data
S. Udhaya Kumar, H. Hannah Inbarani, S. Senthil Kumar

15. Mammogram Image Classification Using Rough Neural Network
K. T. Rajakeerthana, C. Velayutham, K. Thangavel

16. Performance Assessment of Kernel-Based Clustering
Meena Tushir, Smriti Srivastava

17. Registration of Ultrasound Liver Images Using Mutual Information Technique
R. Suganya, R. Kirubakaran, S. Rajaram

18. Sentiment Mining Using SVM-Based Hybrid Classification Model
G. Vinodhini, R. M. Chandrasekaran

19. Shape Based Image Classification and Retrieval with Multiresolution Enhanced Orthogonal Polynomial Model
S. Sathiya Devi, R. Krishnamoorthi

20. Using Fuzzy Logic for Product Matching
K. Amshakala, R. Nedunchezhian

Part III. Cyber Security

21. A Novel Non-repudiate Scheme with Voice FeatureMarking
A. R. Remya, M. H. Supriya, A. Sreekumar

22. A Study of Spam Detection Algorithm on Social Media Networks
Jacob Soman Saini

23. Botnets: A Study and Analysis
G. Kirubavathi, R. Anitha

24. Comparative Study of Two- and Multi-Class-Classification-Based Detection of Malicious Executables Using Soft Computing Techniques on Exhaustive Feature Set
Shina Sheen, R. Karthik, R. Anitha

25. CRHA: An Efficient HA Revitalization to Sustain Binding Information of Home Agent in MIPv6 Network
A. Avelin Diana, V. Ragavinodhini, K. Sundarakantham, S. Mercy Shalinie

26. Interaction Coupling: A Modern Coupling Extractor
S. Gomathi, P. Edith Linda

27. Secure Multicasting Protocols in Wireless Mesh Networks—A Survey
Seetha Surlees, Sharmila Anand John Francis

Part IV. Computational Models

28. A New Reversible SMG Gate and Its Application for Designing Two’s Complement Adder/Subtractor with Overflow Detection Logic for Quantum Computer-Based Systems
S. Manjula Gandhi, J. Devishree, S. Sathish Mohan

29. An Algorithm for Constructing Graceful Tree from an Arbitrary Tree
G. Sethuraman, P. Ragukumar

30. Characterization of Semi-open Subcomplexes in Abstract Cellular Complex
N. Vijaya, G. Sai Sundara Krishnan

31. Fluid Queue Driven by an M/M/1 Queue Subject to Catastrophes
K. V. Vijayashree, A. Anjuka

32. Fuzzy VEISV Epidemic Propagation Modeling for Network Worm Attack
Muthukrishnan Senthil Kumar, C. Veeramani

33. Hexagonal Prusa Grammar Model for Context-Free Hexagonal Picture Languages
T. Kamaraj, D. G. Thomas

34. Iso-Triangular Pictures and Recognizability
V. Devi Rajaselvi, T. Kalyani, D. G. Thomas

35. Job Block Scheduling with Dual Criteria and Sequence-Dependent Setup Time Involving Transportation Times
Deepak Gupta, Kewal Krishan Nailwal, Sameer Sharma

36. Modular Chromatic Number of C



N. Paramaguru, R. Sampathkumar

37. Network Analysis of Biserial Queues Linked with a Flowshop Scheduling System
Seema Sharma, Deepak Gupta, Sameer Sharma

38. Solving Multi-Objective Linear Fractional Programming Problem - First Order Taylor's Series Approximation Approach
C. Veeramani, M. Sumathi

39. Voronoi Diagram-Based Geometric Approach for Social Network Analysis
Subu Surendran, D. Chitraprasad, M. R. Kaimal

Part V. Short Papers

40. Comparative Analysis of Discretization Methods for Gene Selection of Breast Cancer Gene Expression Data
E. N. Sathishkumar, K. Thangavel, A. Nishama

41. Modified Soft Rough set for Multiclass Classification
S. Senthilkumar, H. Hannah Inbarani, S. Udhayakumar

42. A Novel Genetic Algorithm for Effective Job Scheduling in Grid Environment
P. Deepan Babu, T. Amudha

43. A Multifactor Biometric Authentication for the Cloud
Shabana Ziyad, A. Kannammal

44. Accelerating the Performance of DES on GPU and a Visualization Tool in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
Pinchu Prabha, O. K. Sikha, M. Suchithra, K. P. Soman

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Systems and Data Security, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Mathematical Applications in Computer Science

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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