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The Flexible Enterprise

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Table of contents

Part I. Enterprise and Strategic Flexibility

1. The Concept of a Flexible Enterprise

2. Creating Enterprise Flexibility Through Service-Oriented Architecture
Ozgur Erol, Brian Sauser, John T. Boardman

3. Defining Strategic Flexibility
Norman Roberts, Gary J. Stockport

4. Flexible Strategy Framework for Managing Continuity and Change in E-Government
S. Nasim, Sushil

5. Managing Competitiveness Through Flexibility in Telecom Industry of India: A Policy Perspective
Manoj Kumar Sharma

6. Theoretical Roots of Flexible Strategy Game-card: An Evolving Strategic Performance Management Framework
Neetu Yadav, Sushil

Part II. Organizational Flexibility

7. Architecting Flexible Organizations
Joseph Morabito, Ira Sack, Edward Stohr, Anilkumar Bhate

8. Towards Understanding the Effects of Outsourcing on the Flexibility Dynamic of System of Systems
S. Jimmy Gandhi, Alex Gorod, Brian Sauser

9. Creating Order Out of Disorder Through Intuitive Flexibility
Brig. R. C. Pathak, H. D. Patil

10. Framework for Utilization of Global Resources for Knowledge Creation and Application Through Flexible Organizations
Babu Lal

11. Flexibility, Controllability and Risk Measurement Metrics in Changing Pattern of Business Environment
Arnab Mitra

Part III. Business Process and Information Systems Flexibility

12. Graceful Migration of Agile Systems Across Next-Generation Life Cycle Boundaries
Rick Dove, Garry Turkington

13. In Pursuit of Workflow Breakthroughs Using “Just Enough Process Management”
Robert Zotti

14. Developing Flexible Business Process Management Systems Using Modular Computing Technologies
Minhong Wang, Kuldeep Kumar

15. Rapid Deployment Approach Through Flexible System Design: Breakthrough in Technology Innovation and Process Optimization for eClinical Trials
MaryAnne Rizk

16. Information Systems Flexibility in Organizations: Conceptual Models and Research Issues
Ramaraj Palanisamy

Part IV. Operations Flexibility

17. Flexibility via Virtual Cellular System for Variability
Jainarine Bansee, Boppana V. Chowdary

18. Role of Manpower Flexibility in Lean Manufacturing
T. P. Singh

19. Supply Chain Flexibility: Some Perceptions
Bibhushan, Anuj Prakash, Bharat Wadhwa

20. Marketing Flexibilities: Lessons from the Corporate
Nripendra Singh

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Organization/Planning, Business Information Systems, Business Strategy/Leadership, Project Management, Innovation/Technology Management

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Flexible Systems Management

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