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Proceedings of 10th International Kimberlite Conference

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Table of contents

1. Paragenesis and Oxygen Isotopic Studies of Serpentine in Kimberlite
Roger H. Mitchell

2. Wyoming Craton Mantle Lithosphere: Reconstructions Based on Xenocrysts from Sloan and Kelsey Lake Kimberlites
I. V. Ashchepkov, H. Downes, R. Mitchell, N. V. Vladykin, H. Coopersmith, S. V. Palessky

3. Contrasting Garnet Lherzolite Xenolith Suites from the Letšeng Kimberlite Pipes: Inferences for the Northern Lesotho Geotherm
N. P. Lock, J. B. Dawson

4. Tectonic Relationships Between E-Type Cratonic and Ultra-High-Pressure (UHP) Diamond: Implications for Craton Formation and Stabilization
H. H. Helmstaedt

5. Deep-Seated Xenoliths from the Brown Breccia of the Udachnaya Pipe, Siberia
I. V. Ashchepkov, T. Ntaflos, S. S. Kuligin, E. V. Malygina, A. M. Agashev, A. M. Logvinova, S. I. Mityukhin, N. V. Alymova, N. V. Vladykin, S. V. Palessky, O. S. Khmelnikova

6. The “Exceptionally Fresh” Udachnaya-East Kimberlite: Evidence for Brine and Evaporite Contamination
S. I. Kostrovitsky, M. G. Kopylova, K. N. Egorov, D. A. Yakovlev

7. Petrology, Bulk-Rock Geochemistry, Indicator Mineral Composition and Zircon U–Pb Geochronology of the End-Cretaceous Diamondiferous Mainpur Orangeites, Bastar Craton, Central India
N. V. Chalapathi Rao, B. Lehmann, E. Belousova, D. Frei, D. Mainkar

8. Nd–Hf Isotope Systematics of Megacrysts from the Mbuji-Mayi Kimberlites, D. R. Congo: Evidence for a Metasomatic Origin Related to Kimberlite Interaction with the Cratonic Lithospheric Mantle

M. Pivin, V. Debaille, N. Mattielli, D. Demaiffe

9. Petrology of Lamproites from the Nuapada Lamproite Field, Bastar Craton, India
N. Sahu, T. Gupta, S. C. Patel, D. B. K. Khuntia, D. Behera, K. Pande, S. K. Das

10. The Geology and Geochemistry of the Wadagera Kimberlite and the Characteristics of the Underlying Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle, Dharwar Craton, India
Michael Lynn, Sojen Joy, Robin Preston

11. Petrology of P-5 and P-13 “Kimberlites” from Lattavaram Kimberlite Cluster, Wajrakarur Kimberlite Field, Andhra Pradesh, India: Reclassification as Lamproites
Gurmeet Kaur, M. M. Korakoppa, Fareeduddin, K. L. Pruseth

12. Kimberlite: Rapid Ascent of Lithospherically Modified Carbonatitic Melts
J. K. Russell, L. A. Porritt, L. Hilchie

13. Detailed Protracted Crystallization History of Perovskite in Orapa Kimberlite
Chiranjeeb Sarkar, Craig D. Storey, Chris J. Hawkesworth

14. The Age and Localization of Kimberlite Magmatism in the Yakutian Kimberlite Province: Constraints from Isotope Geochronology—An Overview
A. P. Smelov, A. I. Zaitsev

15. Mineral Associations in Diamonds from the Lowermost Upper Mantle and Uppermost Lower Mantle
Ben Harte, Neil F. C. Hudson

16. Juina Diamonds from Kimberlites and Alluvials: A Comparison of Morphology, Spectral Characteristics and Carbon Isotope Composition
D. P. Araujo, J. C. Gaspar, G. P. Bulanova, C. B. Smith, S. C. Kohn, M. J. Walter, E. H. Hauri

17. The IR Absorption Spectrum of Water in Microinclusion-Bearing Diamonds
Yakov Weiss, Isaac Kiflawi, Oded Navon

18. Multiple Growth Episodes or Prolonged Formation of Diamonds? Inferences from Infrared Absorption Data
M. Palot, D. G. Pearson, T. Stachel, J. W. Harris, G. P. Bulanova, I. Chinn

19. Surface Dissolution Features on Kimberlitic Chromites as Indicators of Magmatic Fluid and Diamond Quality
Yana Fedortchouk, Elizabeth McIsaac

20. Diamonds from the Behradih Kimberlite Pipe, Bastar Craton, India: A Reconnaissance Study
D. Mainkar, T. Gupta, S. C. Patel, B. Lehmann, P. Diwan, F. V. Kaminsky, G. K. Khachatryan

21. Wear of Diamond: An Experimental Study and Field Evidence
V. P. Afanasiev, N. P. Pokhilenko

22. Internal Structure and Color of the Natural Plastically Deformed Diamonds from the Internatsionalnaya Kimberlite Pipe (Yakutia)
E. N. Fedorova, A. M. Logvinova, R. I. Mashkovtsev, N. V. Sobolev

23. Diamond Potential of the Eastern Dharwar Craton, Southern India, and a Reconnaissance Study of Physical and Infrared Characteristics of the Diamonds
S. Ravi, M. V. Sufija, S. C. Patel, J. M. Sheikh, M. Sridhar, F. V. Kaminsky, G. K. Khachatryan, S. S. Nayak, K. S. Bhaskara Rao

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geochemistry, Structural Geology, Mineralogy

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