Swamy, Punitha P.

Multimedia Processing, Communication and Computing Applications

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Table of contents

1. An Efficient Method for Indian Vehicle Number Plate Extraction
M. N. Veena, T. Vasudev

2. Facial Boundary Image Reconstruction Using Elliptical Approximation and Convex Hull
A. Bindu, C. N. Ravi Kumar, S. Harsha, N. Bhaskar

3. South Indian Handwritten Script Identification at Block Level from Trilingual Script Document Based on Gabor Features
Mallikarjun Hangarge, Gururaj Mukarambi, B. V. Dhandra

4. Indic Language Machine Translation Tool: English to Kannada/Telugu
Mallamma V. Reddy, M. Hanumanthappa

5. Real-Time Stereo Camera Calibration Using Stereo Synchronization and Erroneous Input Image Pair Elimination
M. S. Shashi Kumar, N. Avinash

6. Topic Modeling for Content Based Image Retrieval
Hemant Misra, Anuj K. Goyal, Joemon M. Jose

7. Texture in Classification of Pollen Grain Images
D. S. Guru, S. Siddesha, S. Manjunath

8. Representation and Classification of Medicinal Plant Leaves: A Symbolic Approach
Y. G. Naresh, H. S. Nagendraswamy

9. Linear Discriminant Analysis for 3D Face Recognition Using Radon Transform
P. S. Hiremath, Manjunath Hiremath

10. Fusion of Texture Features and SBS Method for Classification of Tobacco Leaves for Automatic Harvesting
P. B. Mallikarjuna, D. S. Guru

11. Stacked Classifier Model with Prior Resampling for Lung Nodule Rating Prediction
Vinay Kumar, Ashok Rao, G. Hemanthakumar

12. A Comparative Analysis of Intensity Based Rotation Invariant 3D Facial Landmarking System from 3D Meshes
Parama Bagchi, Debotosh Bhattacharjee, Mita Nasipuri, Dipak Kr. Basu

13. Thermal Human Face Recognition Based on Haar Wavelet Transform and Series Matching Technique
Ayan Seal, Suranjan Ganguly, Debotosh Bhattacharjee, Mita Nasipuri, Dipak Kr. Basu

14. A Hybrid Approach for Enhancing the Security of Information Content of an Image
Kumar Jalesh, S. Nirmala

15. Recognition of Limited Vocabulary Kannada Words Through Structural Pattern Matching: An Experimentation on Low Resolution Images
S. A. Angadi, M. M. Kodabagi

16. Stained Blood Cell Detection and Clumped Cell Segmentation Useful for Malaria Parasite Diagnosis
Dhanya Bibin, P. Punitha

17. A Novel Approach for Shot Boundary Detection in Videos
D. S. Guru, Mahamad Suhil, P. Lolika

18. Enhancing COCOA Framework for Tracking Multiple Objects in the Presence of Occlusion in Aerial Image Sequences
Vindhya P. Malagi, Vinuta V. Gayatri, Krishnan Rangarajan, D. R. Ramesh Babu

19. User Dependent Features in Online Signature Verification
D. S. Guru, K. S. Manjunatha, S. Manjunath

20. An Integrated Filter Based Approach for Image Abstraction and Stylization
H. S. Nagendra Swamy, M. P. Pavan Kumar

21. Progressive Filtering Using Multiresolution Histograms for Query by Humming System
Trisiladevi C. Nagavi, Nagappa U. Bhajantri

22. Color and Gradient Features for Text Segmentation from Video Frames
P. Shivakumara, D. S. Guru, H. T. Basavaraju

23. A Review on Crop and Weed Segmentation Based on Digital Images
D. Ashok Kumar, P. Prema

24. Classification and Decoding of Barcodes: An Image Processing Approach
R. Dinesh, R. G. Kiran, M. Veena

25. Sketch Based Flower Detection and Tracking
D. S. Guru, Y. H. Sharath Kumar, M. T. Krishnaveni

26. Segmentation, Visualization and Quantification of Knee Joint Articular Cartilage Using MR Images
M. S. M. Swamy, Mallikarjun S. Holi

27. Speaker Independent Isolated Kannada Word Recognizer
G. Hemakumar, P. Punitha

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Data Storage Representation, Multimedia Information Systems, Information Storage and Retrieval

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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35 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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