Bapat, Ravindra B.

Combinatorial Matrix Theory and Generalized Inverses of Matrices

Bapat, Ravindra B. - Combinatorial Matrix Theory and Generalized Inverses of Matrices, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Skew Spectrum of the Cartesian Product of an Oriented Graph with an Oriented Hypercube
A. Anuradha, R. Balakrishnan

2. Notes on Explicit Block Diagonalization
Murali K. Srinivasan

3. The Third Immanant of q-Laplacian Matrices of Trees and Laplacians of Regular Graphs
R. B. Bapat, Sivaramakrishnan Sivasubramanian

4. Matrix Product of Graphs
K. Manjunatha Prasad, G. Sudhakara, H. S. Sujatha, M. Vinay

5. Determinant of the Laplacian Matrix of a Weighted Directed Graph
Debajit Kalita

6. From Multivariate Skewed Distributions to Copulas
Tõnu Kollo, Anne Selart, Helle Visk

7. Revisiting the BLUE in a Linear Model via Proper Eigenvectors
Jan Hauke, Augustyn Markiewicz, Simo Puntanen

8. Inference in Error Orthogonal Models
Francisco Carvalho, João Tiago Mexia

9. On the Entries of Orthogonal Projection Matrices
Oskar Maria Baksalary, Götz Trenkler

10. Moore–Penrose Inverse of Perturbed Operators on Hilbert Spaces
Shani Jose, K. C. Sivakumar

11. The Reverse Order Law in Indefinite Inner Product Spaces
Sachindranath Jayaraman

12. Generalized Inverses and Approximation Numbers
K. P. Deepesh, S. H. Kulkarni, M. T. Nair

13. On the Level-2 Condition Number for Moore–Penrose Inverse in Hilbert Space
Huaian Diao, Yimin Wei

14. Products and Sums of Idempotent Matrices over Principal Ideal Domains
K. P. S. BhaskaraRao

15. Perfect Semiring of Nonnegative Matrices
Adel Alahmedi, Yousef Alkhamees, S. K. Jain

16. Regular Matrices over an Incline
AR. Meenakshi

17. Matrix Partial Orders Associated with Space Preorder
K. ManjunathaPrasad, K. S. Mohana, Y. SanthiSheela

18. An Illustrated Introduction to Some Old Magic Squares from India
George P. H. Styan, Ka Lok Chu

19. A Report on CMTGIM 2012, Manipal
R. B. Bapat, K. ManjunathaPrasad

Keywords: Mathematics, Linear and Multilinear Algebras, Matrix Theory, Statistical Theory and Methods

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Natural Sciences

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