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Table of contents

1. How I Became a Design Researcher
Gabriela Goldschmidt

2. Why do Motifs Occur in Engineering Systems?
A. S. Shaja, K. Sudhakar

3. Thinking About Design Thinking: A Comparative Study of Design and Business Texts
Marnina Herrmann, Gabriela Goldschmidt

4. Advancing Design Research: A “Big-D” Design Perspective
Christopher L. Magee, Kristin L. Wood, Daniel D. Frey, Diana Moreno

5. Proposal of Quality Function Deployment Based on Multispace Design Model and its Application
Takeo Kato, Yoshiyuki Matsuoka

6. Exploring a Multi-Meeting Engineering Design Project
John S. Gero, Jiang Hao, Sonia Silva Vieira

7. Integrating Different Functional Modeling Perspectives
Boris Eisenbart, Ahmed Qureshi, Kilian Gericke, Luciënne Blessing

8. Information Entropy in the Design Process
Petter Krus

9. Mitigation of Design Fixation in Engineering Idea Generation: A Study on the Role of Defixation Instructions
Vimal Viswanathan, Julie Linsey

10. Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Transport Class Aircraft
Rahul Ramanna, Manoj Kumar, K. Sudhakar, Kota Harinarayana

11. Using Design-Relevant Effects and Principles to Enhance Information Scope in Idea Generation
Zhihua Wang, Peter R. N. Childs

12. Determining Relative Quality for the Study of Creative Design Output
Chris M. Snider, Steve J. Culley, Elies A. Dekoninck

13. Development of Cognitive Products via Interpretation of System Boundaries
Torsten Metzler, Iestyn Jowers, Andreas Kain, Udo Lindemann

14. A Design Inquiry into the Role of Analogy in Form Exploration: An Exploratory Study
Sharmila Sinha, B. K. Chakravarthy

15. Supporting the Decision Process of Engineering Changes Through the Computational Process Synthesis
Florian Behncke, Stefan Mauler, Udo Lindemann, Sama Mbang, Manuel Holstein, Hansjörg Kalmbach

16. Concept Generation Through Morphological and Options Matrices
Dani George, Rahul Renu, Gregory Mocko

17. Understanding Internal Analogies in Engineering Design: Observations from a Protocol Study
V. Srinivasan, Amaresh Chakrabarti, Udo Lindemann

18. Craftsmen Versus Designers: The Difference of In-Depth Cognitive Levels at the Early Stage of Idea Generation
Deny W. Junaidy, Yukari Nagai, Muhammad Ihsan

19. A Comparative Study of Traditional Indian Jewellery Style of Kundan with European Master Jewellers, a Treatise on Form and Structure
Parag K. Vyas, V. P. Bapat

20. A Structure for Classification and Comparative Study of Jewellery Forms
Parag K. Vyas, V. P. Bapat

21. Product Design and the Indian Consumer: Role of Visual Aesthetics in the Decision Making Process
Naren Sridhar, Mark O’Brien

22. Effective Logo Design
Sonam Oswal, Roohshad Mistry, Bhagyesh Deshmukh

23. Effect of Historical Narrative Based Approach in Designing Secondary School Science Content on Students’ Memory Recall Performance in a School in Mumbai
Sachin Datt, Ravi Poovaiah

24. The Home as an Experience: Studies in the Design of a Developer-Built Apartment Residence
P. K. Neelakantan

25. Meta-Design Catalogs for Cognitive Products
Torsten Metzler, Michael Mosch, Udo Lindemann

26. Extracting Product Characters Which Communicate Eco-Efficiency: Application of Product Semantics to Design Intrinsic Features of Eco-Efficient Home Appliances
Shujoy Chakraborty

27. Indian Aesthetics in Automotive Form
Chirayu S. Shinde

28. Understanding Emotions and Related Appraisal Pattern
Soumava Mandal, Amitoj Singh

29. Force JND for Right Index Finger Using Contra Lateral Force Matching Paradigm
M. S. Raghu Prasad, Sunny Purswani, M. Manivannan

30. Modeling of Human Hand Force Based Tasks Using Fitts’s Law
M. S. Raghu Prasad, Sunny Purswani, M. Manivannan

31. Self-Serving Well-Being: Designing Interactions for Desirable Social Outcomes
Soumitra Bhat

32. Do We Really Need Traditional Usability Lab for UX Practice?
Anshuman Sharma

33. Muscle Computer Interface: A Review
Anirban Chowdhury, Rithvik Ramadas, Sougata Karmakar

34. Preliminary Analysis of Low-Cost Motion Capture Techniques to Support Virtual Ergonomics
Giorgio Colombo, Daniele Regazzoni, Caterina Rizzi, Giordano Vecchi

35. A User-Centered Design Methodology by Configurable and Parametric Mixed Prototypes for the Evaluation of Interaction
Monica Bordegoni, Umberto Cugini

36. Study of Postural Variation, Muscle Activity and Preferences of Monitor Placement in VDT Work
Rajendra Patsute, Swati Pal Biswas, Nirdosh Rana, Gaur Ray

37. Relation-Based Posture Modeling for DHMs
Sarath Reddi, Dibakar Sen

38. How People View Abstract Art: An Eye Movement Study to Assess Information Processing and Viewing Strategy
Susmita Sharma Y., B. K. Chakravarthy

39. Sustainability and Research into Interactions
Suman Devadula, Amaresh Chakrabarti

40. Residential Buildings Use-Phase Memory for Better Consumption Monitoring of Users and Design Improvement
Lucile Picon, Bernard Yannou, Stéphanie Minel

41. Developing Sustainable Products: An Interdisciplinary Challenge
Kai Lindow, Robert Woll, Rainer Stark

42. Life Cycle Assessment of Sustainable Products Leveraging Low Carbon, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Options
S. S. Krishnan, P. Shyam Sunder, V. Venkatesh, N. Balasubramanian

43. Inverse Reliability Analysis for Possibility Distribution of Design Variables
A. S. Balu, B. N. Rao

44. Analyzing Conflicts Between Product Assembly and Disassembly for Achieving Sustainability
S. Harivardhini, Amaresh Chakrabarti

45. A Conceptual Platform to View Environmental Performance of a Product and Its Usage in Co-Design
Srinivas Kota, Daniel Brissaud, Peggy Zwolinski

46. Design of Product Service Systems at the Base of The Pyramid
Santosh Jagtap, Andreas Larsson

47. Re-Assignment of E-Waste Exploring New Livelihood from Waste Management
P. Vivek Anand, Jayanta Chatterjee, Satyaki Roy

48. Conflicts in the Idea of ‘Assisted Self-Help’ in Housing for the Indian Rural Poor
Ameya Athavankar, Sharmishtha Banerjee, B. K. Chakravarthy, Uday Athavankar

49. A Method to Design a Value Chain from Scratch
Romain Farel, Bernard Yannou

50. Developing a Multi-Agent Model to Study the Social Formation of Design Practice
Vishal Singh, John S. Gero

51. Improving Common Model Understanding Within Collaborative Engineering Design Research Projects
Andreas Kohn, Julia Reif, Thomas Wolfenstetter, Konstantin Kernschmidt, Suparna Goswami, Helmut Krcmar, Felix Brodbeck, Birgit Vogel-Heuser, Udo Lindemann, Maik Maurer

52. Issues in Sketch Based Collaborative Conceptual Design
Prasad S. Onkar, Dibakar Sen

53. Strategies for Mutual Learning Between Academia and Industry
Margareta Norell Bergendahl, Sofia Ritzén

54. Participatory Design for Surgical Innovation in the Developing World
Florin Gheorghe, H. F. Machiel Loos

55. Co-Web: A Tool for Collaborative Web Searching for Pre-Teens and Teens
Arnab Chakravarty, Samiksha Kothari

56. Modeling and Analyzing Systems in Application
Maik Maurer, Sebastian Maisenbacher

57. A Categorization of Innovation Funnels of Companies as a Way to Better Make Conscious Agility and Permeability of Innovation Processes
Gwenola Bertoluci, Bernard Yannou, Danielle Attias, Emilie Vallet

58. A Methodology for Assessing Leanness in NPD Process
B. A. Patil, M. S. Kulkarni, P. V. M. Rao

59. PREMΛP: Exploring the Design and Materials Space for Gears
Nagesh Kulkarni, Pramod R. Zagade, B. P. Gautham, Jitesh H. Panchal, Janet K. Allen, Farrokh Mistree

60. PREMΛP: Exploring the Design Space for Continuous Casting of Steel
Prabhash Kumar, Sharad Goyal, Amarendra K. Singh, Janet K. Allen, Jitesh H. Panchal, Farrokh Mistree

61. Requirements for Computer-Aided Product-Service Systems Modeling and Simulation
Gokula Vasantha, Romana Hussain, Rajkumar Roy, Jonathan Corney

62. Designers’ Perception on Information Processes
Gokula Annamalai Vasantha, Amaresh Chakrabarti

63. Assessing the Performance of Product Development Processes in a Multi-Project Environment in SME
Katharina G. M. Kirner, Udo Lindemann

64. Information in Lean Product Development: Assessment of Value and Waste
Katharina G. M. Kirner, Ghadir I. Siyam, Udo Lindemann, David C. Wynn, P. John Clarkson

65. A Method to Understand and Improve Your Engineering Processes Using Value Stream Mapping
Mikael Ström, Göran Gustafsson, Ingrid Fritzell, Gustav Göransson

66. Lifecycle Challenges in Long Life and Regulated Industry Products
S. A. Srinivasa Moorthy

67. Idea Management: The Importance of Ideas to Design Business Success
Camille Chinneck, Simon Bolton

68. The Role of Experimental Design Approach in Decision Gates During New Product Development
Gajanan P. Kulkarni, Mary Mathew, S. Saleem Ahmed

69. Design Professionals Involved in Design Management: Roles and Interactions in Different Scenarios: A Systematic Review
Cláudia Souza Libânio, Fernando Gonçalves Amaral

70. Design Professional Activity Analysis in Design Management: A Case Study in the Brazilian Metallurgical Market
Cláudia Souza Libânio, Giana Carli Lorenzini, Camila Rucks, Fernando Gonçalves Amaral

71. Analysis of Management and Employee Involvement During the Introduction of Lean Development
Katharina Helten, Udo Lindemann

72. ICT for Design and Manufacturing: A Strategic Vision for Technology Maturity Assessment
Mourad Messaadia, Hadrien Szigeti, Magali Bosch-Mauchand, Matthieu Bricogne, Benoît Eynard, Anirban Majumdar

73. Approaches in Conceptual Shape Generation: Clay and CAD Modeling Compared
Tjamme Wiegers, Joris S. M. Vergeest

74. Optimization of the Force Feedback of a Dishwasher Door Putting the Human in the Design Loop
Guilherme Phillips Furtado, Francesco Ferrise, Serena Graziosi, Monica Bordegoni

75. Cellular Building Envelopes
Yasha Jacob Grobman

76. Development and Characterization of Foam Filled Tubular Sections for Automotive Applications
Raghu V. Prakash, K. Venkata Ram Babu

77. The Current State of Open Source Hardware: The Need for an Open Source Development Platform
André Hansen, Thomas J. Howard

78. Drowsiness Detection System for Pilots
Gurpreet Singh, M. Manivannan

79. Discussion About Goal Oriented Requirement Elicitation Process into V Model
Göknur Sirin, Bernard Yannou, Eric Coatanéa, Eric Landel

80. Prediction of Shock Load due to Stopper Hitting During Steering in an Articulated Earth Moving Equipment
A. Gomathinayagam, B. Raghuvarman, S. Babu, K. Mohamed Rasik Habeeb

81. A Simple Portable Cable Way for Agricultural Resource Collection
Shankar Krishnapillai, T. N. Sivasubramanian

82. Bio Inspired Motion Dynamics: Designing Efficient Mission Adaptive Aero Structures
Tony Thomas

83. External Barriers to User-Centred Development of Bespoke Medical Devices in the UK
Ariana Mihoc, Andrew Walters

84. Autonomous Movement of Kinetic Cladding Components in Building Facades
Yasha Jacob Grobman, Tatyana Pankratov Yekutiel

85. Design, Development and Analysis of Press Tool for Hook Hood Lock Auxiliary Catch
Chithajalu Kiran Sagar, B. W. Shivraj, H. N. Narasimha Murthy

86. Design of a Support Structure: Mechanism for Automated Tracking of 1kWe Solar PV Power System
Pravimal Abhishek, A. S. Sekhar, K. S. Reddy

87. Automated Brain Monitoring Using GSM Module
M. K. Madhan Kumar

88. Mapping Design Curriculum in Schools of Design and Schools of Engineering: Where do the Twains Meet?
Peer M. Sathikh

89. A National Academic-Industrial Research Program with an Integrated Graduate Research School
Göran Gustafsson, Lars Frenning

90. Future Proof: A New Educational Model to Last?
Mark O’Brien

91. Talking Architecture: Language and Its Roles in the Architectural Design Process
Yonni Avidan, Gabriela Goldschmidt

92. Cross-Disciplinary Approaches: Indications of a Student Design Project
H. Hashemi Farzaneh, Maria Katharina Kaiser, Torsten Metzler, Udo Lindemann

93. Reflecting on the Future of Design Education in 21st Century India: Towards a Paradigm Shift in Design Foundation
Indrani Parker

94. Design of Next Generation Products by Novice Designers Using Function Based Design Interpretation
Sangarappillai Sivaloganathan, Aisha Abdulrahman, Shaikha Dousari, Abeer Shamsi, Aysha Ameri

95. Changing Landscapes in Interactive Media Design Education
Umut Burcu Tasa, Simge Esin Orhun

96. System Design for Community Healthcare Workers Using ICT
Vishwajit Mishra, Pradeep Yammiyavar

97. Developing Young Thinkers: An Exploratory Experimental Study Aimed to Investigate Design Thinking and Performance in Children
Anisha Malhotra, Ravi Poovaiah

98. Learning from Nature for Global Product Development
Axel Thallemer, Martin Danzer

99. Design2go. How, Yes, No?
Nikola Vukašinović, Jože Duhovnik

100. Integrating the Kansei Engineering into the Design Golden Loop Development Process
Vanja Čok, Metoda Dodič Fikfak, Jože Duhovnik

101. Design and Development: The Made in BRIC Challenge
Luciana Pereira

102. Stylistic Analysis of Space in Indian Folk Painting
Shatarupa Thakurta Roy, Amarendra Kumar Das

103. Classifying Shop Signs: Open Card Sorting of Bengaluru Shop Signs (India)
Nanki Nath, Ravi Poovaiah

104. PREMΛP: A Platform for the Realization of Engineered Materials and Products
B. P. Gautham, Amarendra K. Singh, Smita S. Ghaisas, Sreedhar S. Reddy, Farrokh Mistree

105. PREMΛP: Knowledge Driven Design of Materials and Engineering Process
Manoj Bhat, Sapan Shah, Prasenjit Das, Prabash Kumar, Nagesh Kulkarni, Smita S. Ghaisas, Sreedhar S. Reddy

106. Bridging the Gap: From Open Innovation to an Open Product-Life-Cycle by Using Open-X Methodologies
Matthias R. Gürtler, Andreas Kain, Udo Lindemann

107. Researching Creativity Within Design Students at University of Botswana
Chinandu Mwendapole, Zoran Markovic

108. Role of Traditional Wisdom in Design Education for Global Product Development
Ar Geetanjali S. Patil, Ar Suruchi A. Ranadive

109. Color Consideration for Waiting Areas in Hospitals
Parisa Zraati

110. Hybrid ANP: QFD—ZOGP Approach for Styling Aspects Determination of an Automotive Component
K. Jayakrishna, S. Vinodh, D. Senthil Kumar

111. Kalpana: A Dome Based Learning Installation for Indian Schools
Ishneet Grover

112. Design and Development of Hypothermia Prevention Jacket for Military Purpose
S. Mohamed Yacin, Sanchit Chirania, Yashwanth Nandakumar

113. Decoding Design: A Study of Aesthetic Preferences
Geetika Kambli

114. Earthenware Water Filter: A Double Edged Sustainable Design Concept for India
M. Aravind Shanmuga Sundaram, Bishakh Bhattacharya

115. Designer’s Capability to Design and its Impact on User’s Capabilities
Pramod Ratnakar Khadilkar, Monto Mani

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design, Innovation/Technology Management, Environmental Management

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