Mukhopadhyay, Chiranjit

Driving the Economy through Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Table of contents

Part 1: Part 1.1. Technology and Emerging Markets

1. Innovation Objectives, Strategies and Firm Performance: A Study of Emerging Market Firms

2. Technology for Rural Market Development
V. K. Nangia, Vinay Sharma, Anita Sengar, Ritika Mahajan

3. Bridging Digital Divide and Capacity Building in Rural India
Shailaja Rego, Naresh Kumar, P. N. Mukherjee

4. Considerations About How to Eliminate the Technological Backwardness of Latin America
Paulo R. Feldmann

Part 1.2. Technology Management

5. Technology Management to Accelerate Competitiveness Journey: Exploratory Case of a Renewable Energy Focal Firm from India
Kirankumar S. Momaya, S. Chachondia

6. Assessment of Technology in the View of Sustainability and Capability Approach: A Case-study of Home Inverters
Pramod Khadilkar, Monto Mani

7. Design-Technology and Sustainability
Sudhir Rama Murthy, Monto Mani

8. Technology Management Issues in the Indian Medical Devices Industry: A Morphological Analysis
Ananthavalli Ramesh, L. Prakash Sai

9. Managing Innovation in Perceived Low-Tech Industries: A Review of the Technology Management Practices of the Fish Processing Industry of Newfoundland and Labrador
Christian E. Coronado Mondragon, Adrian E. Coronado Mondragon

Part 1.3. Technology and Development

10. Role of Technology Management in Development
Niruti Gupta, V. Devadas

11. Role of IT to Encounter Rising Food Inflation
Gururaman Subramanian, Kanishka Maheshwari, Ashish Kaushik

12. Achieving Dynamic Capability Through Collaborative ICT Infrastructure: A Strategic Driver for SMEs in Emerging Economies
Shahriar Sajib, Renu Agarwal

13. Innovation and Economic Performance of Ancillary SMES: An Empirical Analysis
R. Sudhir Kumar

Part 1.4. Technology and Sustainability

14. Survival and Growth Strategies for Small- and Medium-Scale Enterprises in India: A Key for Sustainable Development
Ravindra Tripathi, Rajesh Kumar Shastri, Sweta Agarwal

15. Technologies for Social Goods, Latest Trends
Neha Jain

16. Analytical Approach on Economic Development in India Focusing on Strategies for Application of Technology
Nirmalendunath Ghosh

17. Urban Land Management: The Retrospect of Three Metro Cities in India
Pooja Nigam, V. Devadas

Part 1.5. Technology and Market

18. Marketing Dynamics in Technology-Based Industries: Pioneering Advantage, Customer Experience, and Adaptive Pricing
Gurumurthy Kalyanaram

19. Changing Consumer Perception of Electronic Vehicles Through Branded Technical Components
Christian Linder, Sven Seidenstricker

20. Dominance of Chinese Market: An Empirical Study
Arun Kumar Gopalaswamy, S. S. S. Kumar, Chia-Hsing Huang

21. Is Cloud Computing a Tipping Point for IT Innovation Leading to Next Wave of Business Growth in Developing Economies
Ramkumar Dargha

22. Advanced External Counter Pulsation: A Solution for Healthy Heart
Mohammed Ismail, S. Sookthi

23. Managing Technology for Marketing Success
Prafulla Kumar Das

Part 2: Part 2.1. Innovation Management

24. Review of Corporate Management Model for Defense R&D Programs
K. Ajith Kumar, V. P. Jagathy Raj

25. Utilities’ Technology Management of Smart Grid Innovation and Implementation
Torben Tambo

26. Towards Patients as Innovators: Open Innovation in Health Care
Christoph W. Kuenne, Kathrin M. Moeslein, John Bessant

27. Does “Strategic Patenting” Threaten Innovation and What Could Happen If It Did?
Bernard Girard

28. Monetization of Intellectual Property: An Open Innovation Perspective
P. M. Rao

Part 2.2. Human Resource Management

29. Role of Innovation in Practices of Human Resources for Organizational Competitiveness: An Empirical Investigation
Shivani Pandey, Debdeep De

30. Work Behaviors of Korean and Indian Engineers: A Study of Comparison
M. K. Sridhar, Paul Jeong

31. Demographic and Personality Determinants of Entrepreneurial Tendencies of Aspirant Human Resources
Subhash C. Kundu, Sunita Rani

32. Reducing Voluntary Turnover Through Improving Employee Self-Awareness, Creating Transparent Organizational Cultures, and Increasing Career Development
Jeffrey R. Moore, Douglas Goodwin

33. Impact of Technology on Leadership Style: Using “Least Preferred Coworker”
R. Srinivasan, B. Janakiram, Rajendra Todalbagi

Part 2.3. Learning and Knowledge Management

34. An Empirical Model to Foster Innovation and Learning Through Knowledge Sharing Culture
Vijila Kennedy, M. Kirupa Priyadarsini

35. Collaborative Learning and Knowledge Management: A Case Study
Giulia Monetta, Francesco Orciuoli, Gabriella Santoro

36. A Descriptive Analysis of Intellectual Capital Concept Implementation Within Slovak Companies
Ján Papula, Jana Volná

37. Two Perspectives on Intellectual Capital and Innovation in Teams: Collective Intelligence and Cognitive Diversity
Ishani Aggarwal, Anita Woolley

38. Effective Utilization of Tacit Knowledge in Technology Management
Indumathi Anandarajan, K. B. Akhilesh

Part 2.4. Technology and Innovation

39. Semantic Web as an Innovation Enabler
Ranjith Nayar, K. Venugopalan, Rajeshwari Narendran, Smitha Nayar

40. How to Charge Electric Vehicles: A Comparison of Charging Infrastructure Concepts and Technologies
Benedikt Römer, Tobias Schneiderbauer, Arnold Picot

41. Innovations in an Emerging Software Cluster
M. Arun

42. Innovation Management Strategy: Empirical Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Firms
Jyoti S. A. Bhat

43. Rethinking the Management of Technological Innovations, Product Complexity and Modularity: The Effects of Low-Probability, High-Impact Events on Automotive Supply Chains
Adrian E. Coronado Mondragon, Christian E. Coronado Mondragon

Part 2.5. Technology Nurturing

44. Enhancing and Leveraging Potential for Innovation
V. Kovaichelvan

45. A Soft Technology for Effective Enactive Management
Osvaldo García Cerda, Alejandro Salazar Salazar

46. The Evolution of the Production Function: Transition to the “Value Creation Cube”
Moira Scerri, Renu Agarwal

47. Factors Contributing to Teachers’ Attitude Towards Knowledge Sharing
Soofi Anwar, K. Durga Prasad

48. Vocational Value Vector (V3) Management in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for Enhanced Industrial Employability
K. M. Nagendra, S. Radha, C. G. Naidu

49. Critical Factors in Managing Creativity in an SME Global Challenger
Sandhya Sastry

Part 3: Part 3.1. E-Governance

50. E-Governance and the ‘Developing’ Countries: Conceptual and Theoretical Explorations
Chetan B. Singai

51. Compartmentalization of E-Governance Practices
P. V. Bokad, P. M. Kuchar, Priya V. Satpute

52. Project Nemmadi: The Bytes and Bites of E-Governance in Karnataka, India
Madhuchhanda Das Aundhe, Ramesh Narasimhan

53. An Empirical Investigation into the Extent of Green IT Practices in Sri Lanka’s Data Centers: A Case Study Approach
Nadeera Ahangama, Kennedy D. Gunawardana

Part 3.2. Technology and Supply Chain Management

54. ICT Innovation for Buyer-Seller Relationships in International Supply Chains
Fabio Musso, Mario Risso

55. SCM and ICT: A Cornerstone to Sustainable Development of Agribusiness: An Analytical Study
Y. M. Raju

56. A Two Stage Supply Chain Model for Multi Sources and Destinations, Incorporating Quantity and Freight Discounts with Case Study
Kanika Gandhi, P. C. Jha, M. Mathirajan

57. Adoption of Freight Management System (FMS) in Logistics: An Exploratory Study
Timira Shukla, M. R. Bansal

58. Swap in Downstream Petroleum Supply Chain: An Effective Inventory Handling Tool
Hari Mohan Jha Bidyarthi, Laxmikant B. Deshmukh

Part 3.3. Technology, Development and ICT

59. Implementation Issues of Aadhaar: The Human Resource Information System for India
Jesiah Selvam, K. Uma Lakshmi

60. Aadhaar and Financial Inclusion: A Proposed Framework to Provide Basic Financial Services in Unbanked Rural India
Saikumar Rathod, Shiva Krishna Prasad Arelli

61. Use of Mobile Phones by Small-Scale Farmers for Price Discovery of Fresh Produce: A Case Study from the Malur Taluk in Karnataka
Navolina Patnaik

62. Mobile Banking: A Study on Progress and Customer Perception in India for Financial Inclusion
S. Sudalai Muthu, T. Kadalarasane

63. Domestic Remittance: Money Transfer Anywhere and at Anytime in India
Deepak Venkatesh, Anand Kumar Bajaj

Part 3.4. IT Offshoring

64. Power Politics in the Governance of IT Outsourcing: The Undermining of Top IT Executives
Subrata Chakrabarty, Jun Wang

65. Offshore Pricing with Onshore Management: A Case Study in Innovation and Technology Management
Gokul Bhandari, Rudra Pandey, Gerry Kerr

66. International Competitiveness of Russian IT Firms: Strong Rivals or Survivors at the Edge?
Irina Jormanainen, Andrey Panibratov, Marina Latukha

67. Perspectives of Users and Service Providers on Deployment Maturity Assessment: A Study of Product Lifecycle Management Systems (PLMS)
S. R. Venugopalan, L. S. Ganesh, L. Prakash Sai

Part 3.5. New Product and Services Development

68. ICT in New Product Development: Revulsion to Revolution
Nityesh Bhatt, Abhinav Ved

69. A Study of Structural Antecedents of Product Development Teams’ Flexibility on Small and Large Teams
K. Srikanth, K. B. Akhilesh

70. Developing Sustainable IT Market Information Services: The Case of Esoko
Olayinka David-West

71. Design and Development of an Online Database Management System (AGRI-TECHBASE): For Agricultural Technologies of ICAR
A. Razia Mohamed, P. Vineeth Kumar, S. Abhilash, C. N. Ravishankar, Leela Edwin

72. Integrated AHP-TOPSIS Model for Software Selection Under Multi-criteria Perspective
Santanu Kumar Misra, Amitava Ray

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Innovation/Technology Management, R & D/Technology Policy, Entrepreneurship

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