Sumi, Akimasa

Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies for Climate Change

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Table of contents

Part I. Impacts of Climate Change

1. Evaluating the Cost of Flood Damage Based on Changes in Extreme Rainfall in Japan
So Kazama, Ayumu Sato, Seiki Kawagoe

2. Impact of Global Warming on Agricultural Product Markets: Stochastic World Food Model Analysis
Jun Furuya, Shintaro Kobayashi

3. Impacts of Climate Change on Lakes and Reservoirs Dynamics and Restoration Policies
G. B. Sahoo, S. G. Schladow

4. Study of Fishery Ground Around Indonesia Archipelago Using Remote Sensing Data
Takahiro Osawa, Sigit Julimantoro

5. Global Warming and Trans-Boundary Movement of Waterborne Microbial Pathogens
Nicholas J. Ashbolt

Part II. Mitigation and Adaptation

6. Designing Post-Kyoto Institutions: From the Reduction Rate to the Emissions Amount
Tatsuyoshi Saijo, Hiroshi Hamasaki

7. Mitigation Prospects and Challenges for India in Responding to Climate Change
Ritu Mathur, Suruchi Bhadwal

8. Challenges to Substantial and Sustained Reductions in Greenhouse Gases: Opportunities for the United States from the Bottom-Up
Stephen R. Connors

9. Scope and Roles of Adaptation to Climate Change
Nobuo Mimura

10. Adaptation of Fishing Communities in the Philippines to Climate Change
Maria Rebecca Campos

Part III. Communication with Society About Climate Change

11. Economy and Environment: How to Get What We Want
Carl B. Becker

12. A Mapping of Global Warming Research Based on IPCC AR4
Ai Hiramatsu, Nobuo Mimura, Akimasa Sumi

13. Science and Climate Change Policy Making: A Comparative Network Perspective
Jeffrey Broadbent

14. Environmental Communication Aimed at Household Energy Conservation
Chizuru Nishio

15. Bridging the Gulf Between Science and Society: Imperatives for Minimizing Societal Disruption from Climate Change in the Pacific
Patrick D. Nunn

16. Science, Culture, Education, and Social–Ecological Systems: A Study of Transdisciplinary Literacies in Student Discourse During a Place-Based and Culture-Based Polynesian Voyaging Program
Pauline W. U. Chinn

Part IV. Resource and Technology Governance for Sustainability

17. Adaptive Governance: Proposals for Climate Change Science, Policy and Decision Making
Ronald D. Brunner, Amanda H. Lynch

18. Environmental Technology Policy in the US, from the 1970s into the Twenty-First Century
George R. Heaton

19. The Development and Diffusion Processes of Sustainable Technologies and Implications for Public Policy: A Case Study in Japan
Kohta Juraku, Tatsujiro Suzuki

20. Democratic Turn of Resource Governance in Japan: Prewar and Postwar Efforts for Integration in Resource Policy
Jin Sato

21. Considering the “Social Adaptation” of an Infrastructure and the Consequence of Its Impact on Sustainability
Takayuki Minato

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Environment, general, Meteorology/Climatology, Geography (general), Economic Policy

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