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Hair Restoration Surgery in Asians

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Table of contents

Part I. History and the Past

1. Back to the Future: A Brief but Significant History of Hair Transplantation in Asians
Kenichiro Imagawa

Part II. Asian Hair: Knowing the Differences

2. The Prevalence of Male Pattern Baldness in Asian Men
Radha R. Palakurthi

3. Knowing the Difference in Restoring the Asian Look
Kenichiro Imagawa

4. Asian Hair: A Korean Study
Jung-Chul Kim

Part III. Consultation, Planning, and Hairline Design

5. The Key to Success in Consultation
Jerry Wong

6. Hair Restoration Surgery in Poor Candidates
Kenichiro Imagawa, Jerry Wong

7. Preoperative Approach to Preexisting Scalp Lesions
Mary Jo Kristine S. Bunagan

8. Planning for Ultra-Refined Follicular Unit Transplantation and the Hairline Design
Jerry Wong

9. Laser-Assisted Rapid Hairline Placement
Bertram Ng

10. When to Restore the Temple Area
Jerry Wong

11. Crown: Area of Concern
Jerry Wong

12. Should We Use Single or Multiple FU Grafts in Asians?
Kenichiro Imagawa

13. Advantages of Microvascular Free Scalp Flap Transfer as a Means of Hair Transplantation
Kitaro Ohmori

14. Is There a Place for Scalp Flap in Modern Hair Restoration Surgery?
Kenichiro Imagawa

Part IV. Medical Treatment

15. Medical Treatment of Hair Loss
Mary Jo Kristine S. Bunagan

16. The Use of Herbal Medicine
Jung-Chul Kim

17. Is There a Place for Oral Minoxidil? An Overview
Damkerng Pathomvanich

Part V. Preoperative Care

18. Preoperative Care for Super Mega-Sessions
Jerry Wong

Part VI. Local Anesthesia and Tumescence

19. Safe Use of Local Anesthesia and Tumescence Fluid in the Donor Site as an Office-Based Procedure
Damkerng Pathomvanich

20. Preparing for a Painless Surgery: Medication or Meditation?
Jerry Wong

Part VII. Donor Harvesting

21. Site Selection in Donor Harvesting: A Long and Winding Road
Damkerng Pathomvanich

22. The Strip: How Long, How Wide, and Where?
Damkerng Pathomvanich

23. A Refined Open Donor Harvesting to Minimize Follicular Transection
Damkerng Pathomvanich

24. Other Methods of Donor Harvesting
Damkerng Pathomvanich

25. Omnigraft™
Kenichiro Imagawa

26. Donor Wound Closure
Damkerng Pathomvanich

27. Donor Strip Removal and Wound Closure in Super Mega-Session: My Personal Technique
Jerry Wong

28. Follicular Unit Extraction in the Asian Population
Bertram Ng

Part VIII. Graft Preparation: Personal Techniques

29. Slivering and Graft Cutting
Kulakarn Amonpattana, Radha R. Palakurthi, Patcharee Thienthaworn, Sarunya Manochai

30. An Alternative Way of Graft Cutting
Jung-Chul Kim

31. Graft Dissection in Super Mega-Session: My Personal Technique
Jerry Wong

Part IX. Recipient Site Preparation and Insertion

32. Dense Packing
Jerry Wong

33. Premade Incisions: When and Where to Begin
Jerry Wong

34. Why Lateral Slits?
Jerry Wong

35. A Debate over Premade Incisions Versus “Stick and Place”
Jerry Wong

36. Technique of Fast and Efficient Graft Insertion
Jerry Wong

37. Implanter
Jung-Chul Kim

Part X. Hair Restoration in Women and Transsexual Males

38. Hair Restoration Surgery in Asian Women
Mary Jo Kristine S. Bunagan, Damkerng Pathomvanich

39. Hair Restoration Surgery in Transsexual Males
Damkerng Pathomvanich

Part XI. Repairs: Personal Techniques

40. Repair of Iatrogenic Scarring and Non-Scarring Alopecia from Cosmetic Surgery
Damkerng Pathomvanich

41. Cicatricial Alopecia in Hair Transplantation
Damkerng Pathomvanich

42. The Repair of Unwanted Plugs
Damkerng Pathomvanich

43. Repair of Scalp Flap
Kenichiro Imagawa

44. Repair of Artificial Fiber Implantation
Kenichiro Imagawa

Part XII. Special Procedures in Hair Restoration Surgery

45. Eyebrow Transplant
Kongkiat Laorwong, Damkerng Pathomvanich

46. Eyelash Transplant
Kenichiro Imagawa

47. Sideburn Transplant
Damkerng Pathomvanich

48. Mustache Transplant
Damkerng Pathomvanich

49. Chest Hair Transplant
Damkerng Pathomvanich

50. Pubic Hair Transplant
Sungjoo Hwang

Part XIII. Postoperative Care

51. Postoperative Care
Jerry Wong

52. Postoperative Instruction Sheet Used in Our Clinic
Damkerng Pathomvanich

Part XIV. Complications

53. Complications and the Solutions
Sungjoo Hwang, Kenichiro Imagawa

Part XV. The Business Side

54. Marketing and Management
Kenichiro Imagawa

Part XVI. Hair Transplants in the Future

55. Hair Cloning and Follicular Cell Implantation
Jung-Chul Kim

56. New Tools for Hair Transplants
Jerry Wong

57. Application of Stem Cells in Hair Restoration Surgery
Damkerng Pathomvanich, Radha R. Palakurthi

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