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Allergy Frontiers: Clinical Manifestations

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Table of contents

1. Allergic Rhinitis and Conjunctivitis: Update on Pathophysiology
Jean-Baptiste Watelet, James I. McGill, Ruby Pawankar, Diana S. Church, Martin K. Church

2. Allergic Conjunctivitis: Update on Its Pathophysiology and Perspectives for Future Treatment
Stefano Bonini, Roberto Sgrulletta, Marco Coassin, Sergio Bonini

3. Non-allergic Rhinitis
Glenis K. Scadding

4. Nasal Polyposis: A Model of Chronic Airways Inflammation
César Picado

5. The Nonallergic Rhinitis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
James N. Baraniuk, Samantha Jean Merck

6. Epigenetics Chapter: The Role of Allergy in Chronic Rhinosinusitis
Daniel L. Hamilos

7. Otitis Media and Sinusitis
Deborah A. Gentile, Timothy J. Schaffner, Christine A. Schad, David P. Skoner

8. Allergic Rhinitis, Asthma, and Obstructive Sleep Apnea: The Link
Jeffrey R. Stokes, Thomas B. Casale

9. Common Colds and Respiratory Viruses: Impact on Allergy and Asthma
Ioanna M. Velissariou, Paraskevi Xepapadaki, Nikolaos G. Papadopoulos

10. Cold, Dry Air, and Hyperosmolar Challenges in Rhinitis
Paraya Assanasen, Robert M. Naclerio

11. Mechanisms of Mucus Induction in Asthma
Lauren Cohn

12. Mechanisms of Cough in Asthma and Allergic Airway Disease
Kevin M. White, Michael S. Tankersley, Pramod S. Kelkar

13. Airway Hyperresponsiveness: Inflammatory Mechanisms and Clinical Aspects
Salman Siddiqui, Fay Hollins, Christopher Brightling

14. Mechanisms of Nocturnal Asthma
Krzysztof Kowal, Lawrence Du Buske

15. Severe Asthma in Adults: Pathology to Clinical Aspects
Kazuyuki Chibana, Sally Wenzel

16. Exercise-Induced Asthma: Clinical Manifestations
Peter J. Helms

17. Aspirin-Sensitive Asthma
Andrzej Szczeklik, Ewa Nizankowska-Mogilnicka, Marek Sanak

18. Airway Remodeling in Asthma and Therapeutic Implications
Tari Haahtela

19. Occupational Asthma and Its Relationship to Occupational Rhinitis
Gianna Moscato, Eugenia Galdi

20. Non-atopic Asthma: A Continuing Enigma
Chris Corrigan

21. Asthma in the Athlete
Kai-Håkon Carlsen

22. Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis
Viswanath P. Kurup, Alan P. Knutsen

23. Mechanisms of Anaphylaxis
Stephen F. Kemp, Richard F. Lockey

24. Drug Hypersensitivity: Clinical Manifestations and Diagnosis
Pascal Demoly, Antonino Romano

25. Immunological Principles of Drug Hypersensitivity
Anna Zawodniak, Werner J. Pichler

26. Food Allergy: Mechanisms and Clinical Manifestations
Stephan C. Bischoff

27. Lactose and Fructose Intolerance
Eitan Amir, Peter J. Whorwell

28. Insect Sting Allergy in Adults
Anne K. Ellis, James H. Day

29. Fungal Allergy as Yet Unsolved
Robert K. Bush

30. Latex Allergy: Clinical Manifestations
Kevin J. Kelly, Brian T. Kelly

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Allergology, Immunology, Internal Medicine

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Allergy Frontiers
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