Cushman, Samuel A.

Spatial Complexity, Informatics, and Wildlife Conservation

Cushman, Samuel A. - Spatial Complexity, Informatics, and Wildlife Conservation, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Theory and Practice

1. Introduction: Ecological Knowledge, Theory and Information in Space and Time
Samuel A. Cushman, Falk Huettmann

2. Space and Time in Ecology: Noise or Fundamental Driver?
Samuel A. Cushman

3. The Problem of Ecological Scaling in Spatially Complex, Nonequilibrium Ecological Systems
Samuel A. Cushman, Jeremy Littell, Kevin McGarigal

4. Landscape Ecology: Past, Present, and Future
Samuel A. Cushman, Jeffrey S. Evans, Kevin McGarigal

5. The Gradient Paradigm: A Conceptual and Analytical Framework for Landscape Ecology
Samuel A. Cushman, Kevin Gutzweiler, Jeffrey S. Evans, Kevin McGarigal

Part II. Method and Data

6. Data on Distribution and Abundance: Monitoring for Research and Management
Samuel A. Cushman, Kevin S. McKelvey

7. Animal Movement Data: GPS Telemetry, Autocorrelation and the Need for Path-Level Analysis
Samuel A. Cushman

8. Using a Random Forest Model and Public Data to Predict the Distribution of Prey for Marine Wildlife Management
Steffen Oppel, Falk Huettmann

9. Landscape Genomics: A Brief Perspective
Michael K. Schwartz, Kevin S. McKelvey, Samuel A. Cushman, Gordon Luikart

10. Spatial Information Management in Wildlife Ecology: Adding Spatially Explicit Behaviour Data to the Equation?
Kim Jochum, Falk Huettmann

11. Critical Remote Sensing Contributions to Spatial Wildlife Ecological Knowledge and Management
Gregory J. McDermid, Nicholas C. Coops, Michael A. Wulder, Steven E. Franklin, Nicole E. Seitz

12. Spatial Data Management Through Metadata: Global Concepts, Formats, Tools and Requirements
Vivian Hutchison

13. Free Database Availability, Metadata and the Internet: An Example of Two High Latitude Components of the Census of Marine Life
Bodil Bluhm, David Watts, Falk Huettmann

14. Components of Spatial Information Management in Wildlife Ecology: Software for Statistical and Modeling Analysis
Hawthorne L. Beyer, Jeff Jenness, Samuel A. Cushman

15. Spatial Analysis of Wildlife Distribution and Disease Spread
Marie-Josée Fortin, Mark R. T. Dale, Stefania Bertazzon

16. Current State of the Art for Statistical Modelling of Species Distributions
Troy M. Hegel, Samuel A. Cushman, Jeffrey Evans, Falk Huettmann

17. Landscape Genetics
Kevin S. McKelvey, Samuel A. Cushman, Michael K. Schwartz

Part III. Examples

18. Using Geographical Mapping and Occupancy Modeling to Study the Distribution of the Critically Endangered Leopard (Panthera pardus) Population in Armenia
Igor G. Khorozyan, Alexander G. Malkhasyan, Shushanik G. Asmaryan, Alexei V. Abramov

19. Mapping Landscape Resistance to Identify Corridors and Barriers for Elephant Movement in Southern Africa
Samuel A. Cushman, Michael Chase, Curtice Griffin

20. Habitat Fragmentation Effects Depend on Complex Interactions Between Population Size and Dispersal Ability: Modeling Influences of Roads, Agriculture and Residential Development Across a Range of Life-History Characteristics
Samuel A. Cushman, Bradley W. Compton, Kevin McGarigal

21. Linking Cetaceans to Their Environment: Spatial Data Acquisition, Digital Processing and Predictive Modeling for Marine Spatial Planning in the Northwest Atlantic
Simon J. Pittman, Bryan Costa

22. Multi-spectral Satellite-Airborne Management of Ice Form Marine Mammals and Their Habitat in the Presence of Climate Change Using a “Hot Spots” Approach
Vladimir V. Melentyev, Vladimir I. Chernook

23. How Spatial Information Contributes to the Conservation and Management of Biodiversity
Dawn Robin Magness, John M. Morton, Falk Huettmann

24. Future and Outlook: Where Are We, and Where Will the Spatial Information Management in Wildlife Ecology Be in 50 Years from Now?
Samuel A. Cushman, Falk Huettmann

Keywords: Life Sciences, Ecology, Zoology

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