Terano, Takao

Agent-Based Approaches in Economic and Social Complex Systems V

Terano, Takao - Agent-Based Approaches in Economic and Social Complex Systems V, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Genetic Programming and Agent-Based Computational Economics: From Autonomous Agents to Product Innovation
Shu-Heng Chen

2. Simulating the Emergence of Complex Cultural Beliefs
M. Afzal Upal, Rik Warren

3. Synchronization in Mobile Agents and Effects of Network Topology
Masaru Aoyagi, Akira Namatame

4. Evaluation of Mass User Support Strategies in Theme Park Problem
Yasushi Yanagita, Keiji Suzuki

5. Agent-based simulation to analyze business office activities using reinforcement learning
Yukinao Kenjo, Takashi Yamada, Takao Terano

6. A Model of Mental Model Formation in a Social Context
Umberto Gostoli

7. A Thought on the Continuity Hypothesis and the Origin of Societal Evolution
Kazuhisa Taniguchi

8. Modeling a small agent society based on social choice logic programming
Kenryo Indo

9. Modeling and Development of an Autonomous Pedestrian Agent — As a Simulation Tool for Crowd Analysis for Spatial Design
Toshiyuki Kaneda, Yanfeng He

10. Agent-Based Adaptive Production Scheduling — A Study on Cooperative-Competition in Federated Agent Architecture
Jayeola Femi Opadiji, Toshiya Kaihara

11. A Simulation Analysis of Shop-around Behavior in a Commercial District as an Intelligent Agent Approach -A Case Study of Osu District of Nagoya City-
Takumi Yoshida, Toshiyuki Kaneda

12. Interacting Advertising and Production Strategies — A Model Approach on Customers’ Communication Networks
Jürgen WÖckl

13. A Method to Translate Customers’ Actions in Store into the Answers of Questionnaire for Conjoint Analysis
Hiroshi Sato, Masao Kubo, Akira Namatame

14. Agent-Based Simulation of Learning Social Norms in Traffic Signal Systems
Kokolo Ikeda, Ikuo Morisugi, Hajime Kita

15. Discovery of Family Tradition with Inverse Simulation
Setsuya Kurahashi

16. Analysis of Focal Information of Individuals: Gaming Approach to C2C Market
Hitoshi Yamamoto, Kazunari Ishida, Toshizumi Ohta

17. Social Network Characteristics and the Evolution of Investor Sentiment
Nicholas S. P. Tay

18. From the simplest price formation models to paradigm of agent-based computational finance: a first step
Takashi Yamada, Takao Terano

19. On Emergence of Money in Self-organizing Doubly Structural Network Model
Masaaki Kunigami, Masato Kobayashi, Satoru Yamadera, Takao Terano

20. Scale-Free Networks Emerged in the Markets: Human Traders versus Zero-Intelligence Traders
Jie-Jun Tseng, Shu-Heng Chen, Sun-Chong Wang, Sai-Ping Li

21. A Model of Market Structure Dynamics with Boundedly Rational Agents
Tatsuo Yanagita, Tamotsu Onozaki

22. Agent-based Analysis of Lead User Innovation in Consumer Product Market
Kotaro Ohori, Shingo Takahashi

23. Agent-Based Stochastic Model of Barter and Monetary Exchange
Igor Pospelov, Alexandra Zhukova

Keywords: Social Sciences, general, Sociology

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Springer Series on Agent Based Social Systems
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11 pages

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