Bell, Graeme I.

Pancreatic Beta Cell in Health and Disease

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Table of contents

I..Pancreatic Beta Cell and Insulin Biosynthesis

1. Architecture of Pancreatic Islets
Marcela Brissova, Alvin C. Powers

2. Transcriptional Regulation of Insulin Gene Expression
Isabella Artner, Roland Stein

3. The Biosynthesis of Insulin
Donald F. Steiner

II..Cell Signaling and Insulin Secretion

4. Metabolic Regulation of Insulin Secretion
Barbara E. Corkey

5. Mechanisms of Beta-Cell Death in Diabetes
Marc Y. Donath, Jan A. Ehses

6. Ion Channels and Insulin Secretion
David A. Jacobson, Louis H. Philipson

7. Gap Junctions and Insulin Secretion
Philippe Klee, Sabine Bavamian, Anne Charollais, Dorothée Caille, José Cancela, Manon Peyrou, Paolo Meda

8. Protein Kinase A-Independent Mechanism of cAMP in Insulin Secretion
Susumu Seino, Takashi Miki, Tadao Shibasaki

9. Regulation of Insulin Granule Exocytosis
Erik Renström, Patrik Rorsman

10. Mechanism of Insulin Exocytosis Analyzed by Imaging Techniques
Shinya Nagamatsu, Mica Ohara-Imaizumi

11. Two-Photon Excitation Imaging of Insulin Exocytosis
Noriko Takahashi, Haruo Kasai

III..Pancreatic Development and Beta-Cell Formation

12. Regulation of Beta-Cell Growth and Death
Christopher J. Rhodes

13. Beta-Cell Replication
Seth J. Salpeter, Yuval Dor

14. Stem Cells as a Cure for Diabetes
Timo Otonkoski, Meenal Banerjee, Karolina Lundin

15. Use of Extra-Pancreatic Tissues for Cell Replacement Therapy for Diabetes
Irit Meivar-Levy, Sarah Ferber

IV..Incretins and Beta-Cell Function

16. Molecular Biology of Gluco-Incretin Function
Sonia Klinger, Bernard Thorens

17. Incretins and Regulation of Insulin Secretion
Michael A. Nauck, Juris J. Meier

V..Pancreatic Beta Cell and Disease

18. Pancreatic Islet Pathology in Type 2 Diabetes
Anne Clark

19. Genetic Disorders of the Pancreatic Beta Cell and Diabetes (Permanent Neonatal Diabetes and Maturity-Onset Diabetes of the Young)
Emma L. Edghill, Andrew T. Hattersley

20. ATP-Sensitive Potassium Channels in Health and Disease
Peter Proks, Frances M. Ashcroft

21. Glucokinase in Glucose Homeostasis, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypoglycemia, and as Drug Receptor
Franz M. Matschinsky


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