Tsukiura, Takashi

Memory in a Social Context

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Table of contents

Part I. Basic Approach for Human Memory

1. Experimental Psychology Approaches to Human Memory
Hiroyuki Shimizu

2. Functional Neuroimaging Approaches to Human Memory
Junichi Chikazoe, Seiki Konishi

Part II. Interacting Mechanisms of Human Memory with Social Cognition

3. Psychological and Neural Functions of Working Memory in Social Contexts
Yukio Maehara

4. Neural Mechanisms Underlying the Effects of Emotional Arousal on Memory
Nilgun Turkileri, Michiko Sakaki

5. Current Issues and Emerging Directions in the Impact of Emotion on Memory: A Review of Evidence from Brain Imaging Investigations
Florin Dolcos, Yuta Katsumi, Ekaterina Denkova, Mathias Weymar, Sanda Dolcos

6. Modulatory Mechanism of Three-Layered Hierarchical Structure in Memories Associated with Rewards and Punishments
Yayoi Shigemune, Takashi Tsukiura

7. The Self-Trait Evaluation Task: Exodus from the Cortical Midline Structure Dogma
Motoaki Sugiura

8. Voluntary Suppression and Involuntary Repression: Brain Mechanisms for Forgetting Unpleasant Memories
Hirokazu Kikuchi, Nobuhito Abe

9. The Impact of Interoception on Memory
Yuri Terasawa, Satoshi Umeda

10. Functional Neuroimaging Studies of Autobiographical Memory Retrieval: Past, Present, and Future
Donna Rose Addis, Kristina Wiebels, Aleea L. Devitt

Part III. Lifelong Effects on Memory and Social Cognition

11. Development of Recognition Memory for Faces During Infancy
Yumiko Otsuka

12. Brain Maturation and Aging: Large Brain MRI Database
Yasuyuki Taki

13. Behavioral and Neural Mechanisms for Memory in Social Contexts
Laura E. Paige, Angela H. Gutchess

14. Structural and Functional Changes of Brain Due to Childhood Maltreatment and Adversity
Akemi Tomoda, Shinichiro Takiguchi, Koji Shimada, Takashi X. Fujisawa

Part IV. Toward the Application of Memory Research into Our Society

15. Benefits of “Smart Ageing” Interventions Using Cognitive Training, Brain Training Games, Exercise, and Nutrition Intake for Aged Memory Functions in Healthy Elderly People
Rui Nouchi, Ryuta Kawashima

16. Cultural Psychology as a Form of Memory Research
Masataka Nakayama, Yoshiyuki Ueda, Pamela Marie Taylor, Hitoshi Tominaga, Yukiko Uchida

17. Memory Practice in Society: Eyewitness Memory in Children and Forensic Interviews
Makiko Naka

18. Social Ageing, Informatization, and Cognitive Tasks Required for Human Memory in Daily Lives: Problems Observed in a Usability Test for Home-Use Medical Equipment
Etsuko T. Harada

Keywords: Biomedicine, Neurosciences, Cognitive Psychology, Neurology

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