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Table of contents

Part I. History of Drebrin Discovery as an General Introduction

1. General Introduction to Drebrin
Tomoaki Shirao, Yuko Sekino

Part II. Basic Information About Drebrin

2. Molecular Cloning of Drebrin: Progress and Perspectives
Nobuhiko Kojima

3. Biochemistry of Drebrin and Its Binding to Actin Filaments
Ryoki Ishikawa

4. Phosphorylation of Drebrin and Its Role in Neuritogenesis
Phillip R. Gordon-Weeks

5. Remodeling of Actin Filaments by Drebrin A and Its Implications
Elena E. Grintsevich

6. Cell Shape Change by Drebrin
Kensuke Hayashi

Part III. Drebrin in Nervous System

7. Localization of Drebrin: Light Microscopy Study
Tomoaki Shirao, Noriko Koganezawa, Hiroyuki Yamazaki, Kenji Hanamura, Kazuyuki Imamura

8. Making of a Synapse: Recurrent Roles of Drebrin A at Excitatory Synapses Throughout Life
Chiye Aoki, Ang D. Sherpa

9. Drebrin in Neuronal Migration and Axonal Growth
Kenji Hanamura

10. Drebrin and Spine Formation
Hideto Takahashi, Yusuke Naito

11. Role of Drebrin in Synaptic Plasticity
Yuko Sekino, Noriko Koganezawa, Toshiyuki Mizui, Tomoaki Shirao

12. Drebrin in Alzheimer’s Disease
Yuta Ishizuka, Kenji Hanamura

13. Drebrins and Connexins: A Biomedical Perspective
Irina V. Majoul, Justus S. Ernesti, Eugenia V. Butkevich, Rainer Duden

14. Homer, Spikar, and Other Drebrin-Binding Proteins in the Brain
Hiroyuki Yamazaki, Tomoaki Shirao

Part IV. Drebrin in Nervous System

15. Role of Drebrin at the Immunological Synapse
Vera Rocha-Perugini, Mónica Gordon-Alonso, Francisco Sánchez-Madrid

16. Drebrin Regulation of Calcium Signaling in Immune Cells
Jonathan Pabon, Man Kit Law, Avery August

17. Drebrin and Spermatogenesis
Haiqi Chen, Michelle W. M. Li, C. Yan Cheng

18. Drebrin at Junctional Plaques
Wiebke K. Ludwig-Peitsch

19. Juxtanuclear Drebrin-Enriched Zone
Wiebke K. Ludwig-Peitsch

20. Drebrin in Renal Glomeruli
Wiebke K. Ludwig-Peitsch

21. Drebrin’s Role in the Maintenance of Endothelial Integrity
Kerstin Rehm, Stefan Linder

22. Regulation of Skeletal Myoblast Differentiation by Drebrin
Robert S. Krauss

23. The Role of Drebrin in Cancer Cell Invasion
Anna E. Dart, Phillip R. Gordon-Weeks

Keywords: Biomedicine, Neurochemistry, Biochemistry, general, Cell Biology, Neurology

Publication year
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Page amount
12 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode
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