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Brain Evolution by Design

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Table of contents

Part I. The Origins of Neurons and Networks

1. Physical Ethology of Unicellular Organisms
Shigeru Kuroda, Seiji Takagi, Tetsu Saigusa, Toshiyuki Nakagaki

2. Molecular Characteristics of Neuron-like Functions in Single-Cell Organisms
Shingo Maegawa

3. Back Through Time: How Cnidarians and Basal Metazoans Shed Light on Ancient Nervous Systems
Hiroshi Watanabe

Part II. The Rise of Diverse Brain Types

4. Functional Specification of a Primitive Bilaterian Brain in Planarians
Takeshi Inoue

5. The Computation and Robustness of the Mini-Cognitive Centers of Terrestrial Mollusks: An Exquisite Outcome of Brain Evolution
Ryota Matsuo

6. Insect Brains: Minute Structures Controlling Complex Behaviors
Michiyo Kinoshita, Uwe Homberg

7. Identifying Vertebrate Brain Prototypes in Deuterostomes
Takehiro G. Kusakabe

8. Genome and Transcriptome-Wide Research of Brain Evolution
Atsushi Ogura

Part III. Cognitive Systems

9. The Origin of Vertebrate Brain Centers
Yasunori Murakami

10. Adaptive Radiation and Vertebrate Brain Diversity: Cases of Teleosts
Naoyuki Yamamoto

11. Molecular Profiling Reveals Insight into Avian Brain Organization and Functional Columnar Commonalities with Mammals
Kazuhiro Wada, Chun-Chun Chen, Erich D. Jarvis

12. The Neocortex and Dorsal Ventricular Ridge: Functional Convergence and Underlying Developmental Mechanisms
Wataru Yamashita, Tadashi Nomura

13. Molecular Investigations of the Structure and Development of the Brain of Carnivores
Yohei Shinmyo, Tomohisa Toda, Kosuke Masuda, Yoshio Hoshiba, Haruka Ebisu, Naoyuki Matsumoto, Hiroshi Kawasaki

14. Evolution of the Mammalian Brain with a Focus on the Whale Olfactory Bulb
Takushi Kishida

15. The Evolution and Function of Sleep
Yu Hayashi, Chih-Yao Liu

16. Prefrontal Anatomical Architecture and Top-Down Behavioral Control in Human and Nonhuman Primates
Yosuke Morishima

Part IV. Models and Designs

17. Organisational Principles of Connectomes: Changes During Evolution and Development
Roman Bauer, Marcus Kaiser

18. Muscular-Hydrostat Computers: Physical Reservoir Computing for Octopus-Inspired Soft Robots
Kohei Nakajima

19. Brain Evolution as an Information Flow Designer: The Ground Architecture for Biological and Artificial General Intelligence
Shuichi Shigeno

Keywords: Life Sciences, Zoology, Evolutionary Biology, Neurosciences

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Diversity and Commonality in Animals
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