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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Introduction
Kazuo Emoto, Rachel Wong, Eric Huang, Casper Hoogenraad

Part II. Basic Biology of Dendrites

2. Cytoskeletal Organization: Actin
Amr Abou Elezz, Rimante Minkeviciene, Pirta Hotulainen

3. Microtubule Organization and Microtubule-Associated Proteins (MAPs)
Elena Tortosa, Lukas C. Kapitein, Casper C. Hoogenraad

4. Membrane Trafficking Mechanisms: Exocytosis and Endocytosis in Dendrites
Bettina Winckler

5. Activity Dependent Protein Transport from the Synapse to the Nucleus
Sujoy Bera, Gonca Bayraktar, Katarzyna M. Grochowska, Michelle Melgarejo Rosa, Michael R. Kreutz

6. Ultrastructure Methods
Nuno Maçarico Costa

7. Imaging Signal Transduction in Dendrites Using Genetically Encoded Biosensors
Hideji Murakoshi, Ryohei Yasuda

Part III. Patterning Dendritic Architecture of Neurons and Their Populations

8. Dendritic Self-Avoidance
Peter Soba

9. Tiling and Mosaic Spacing of Dendrites
Jay Z. Parrish

10. Mosaics and Lamination in the Retina
Peter G. Fuerst

11. Modifying Dendritic Structure After Function
Yuan Wang, Edwin W. Rubel

Part IV. Cellular and Molecular Control of Dendrite Development and Maintenance

12. Molecular Control of Dendritic Remodeling
Kazuya Togashi, Hiroyuki Koizumi, Takahiro Kanamori, Kazuo Emoto

13. Experience-Dependent Dendritic Arbor Development
Hollis T. Cline

14. Dendrite Maintenance
Sara Marie Katrancha, Anthony J. Koleske

Part V. Synapse Formation Onto Dendrites

15. Molecular Assembly of Excitatory Synapses
Hirohide Iwasaki, Shinji Tanaka, Shigeo Okabe

16. Localising Receptors and Channels Across the Dendritic Arbour
Arthur Bikbaev, Maël Duménieu, Jeffrey Lopez-Rojas, Martin Heine

17. Adhesion Molecules in Synapse Assembly and Function
Peter Chipman, Yukiko Goda

18. Excitatory and Inhibitory Synaptic Placement and Functional Implications
Katherine L. Villa, Elly Nedivi

19. Development of Synaptic Input Patterns on Dendrites of Retinal Neurons
Florence D. D’Orazi, Takeshi Yoshimatsu

Part VI. Dendrites in Disease

20. Dendrites in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Verónica Martínez-Cerdeño, Izumi Maezawa, Lee-Way Jin

21. Mechanisms of Dendrite Degeneration in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Sebum Lee, Yulei Shang, Eric J. Huang

22. Dendrite Degeneration in Glaucoma
Luca Della Santina, Yvonne Ou

Keywords: Biomedicine, Neurosciences, Neurology, Animal Models

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