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Geomorphology and Society

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Table of contents

1. Geomorphology and Society: An Introduction
Michael E. Meadows, Jiun-Chuan Lin

2. Geomorphology in the Anthropocene: Perspectives from the Past, Pointers for the Future?
Michael E. Meadows

3. Society and Geomorphology: Addressing the (Mis-)Use of Aggregate Resources
Dietrich Soyez

4. Geomorphological Responses in a Dynamic Environment: How Landforms Interact with Human Activities in Taiwan
Jiun-Chuan Lin

5. The Impact of Typhoon Morakot in 2009 on Landslides, Debris Flows and Population in the Chishan River Catchment, Taiwan
Chia Hung Jen, Hung Fei Lei, Shyh Jeng Chyi, Min Yu Hsueh

6. Delineation of Historical Fluvial Territories and the Implications for Flood Mitigation, with Reference to Four Selected Reaches in Taiwan
Su-Min Shen

7. The Political Ecology of Land Subsidence: A Case Study of the Solar Energy-Farming Scheme, Pingtung County, Taiwan
Shew-Jiuan Su

8. Towards Long-Lasting Disaster Mitigation Following a Mega-landslide: High-Definition Topographic Measurements of Sediment Production by Debris Flows in a Steep Headwater Channel
Yuichi S. Hayakawa, Fumitoshi Imaizumi, Norifumi Hotta, Haruka Tsunetaka

9. Landslide Typology Using a Morphological Approach and Establishment of an Inventory Map Based on Aerial Photo Interpretation in Central Vietnam
Hong Luong Le, Toyohiko Miyagi, Abe Shinro, Eisaku Hamasaki

10. Vulnerability and Exposure to Geomorphic Hazards: Some Insights from the European Alps
Margreth Keiler, Sven Fuchs

11. Reclamation and Land Consolidation Effects on Organic Matter Sedimentation in Lake Kiba-Gata, Japan
Seiya Nagao, Hong Tuoi Bui, Yuriko Kawano, Tomoyo Suzuki, Shinya Ochiai, Koyo Yonebayashi, Masanori Okazaki, Akiko Goto, Takashi Hasegawa, Masayoshi Yamamoto

12. Impact of Short-Term Flooding on Livelihoods in the Kenya Rift Valley Lakes
Joy A. Obando, Simon Onywere, Chris Shisanya, Anthony Ndubi, Dan Masiga, Zephania Irura, Nicholas Mariita, Haron Maragia

13. Rainfall Erosivity and Soil Erosion Risk Assessment in Tropical Island Environments: A Case Study of Mauritius
Paul Sumner, Werner Nel, Soonil Rughooputh, Ravindra Boojhawon, Kumar Dhurmea, Jay Roux, Ryan Anderson

14. Evolution of a Coastal Beach/Barrier/Marsh System in Response to Sea Level Rise, Storm Events and Human Impacts: A Case Study of Trunvel Marsh, Western Brittany
Hervé Regnauld, Riwalenn Ruault, Jean Noël Proust, Jean-Jacques Tiercelin, François Pustoc’h

15. Integrating Estuarine, Coastal and Inner Shelf Sediment Systems in a Common Conceptual Framework as a Basis for Participatory Shoreline Management
Jonathan R. French, Helene Burningham, Gillian D. Thornhill, Robert J. Nicholls

Keywords: Geography, Geomorphology, Human Geography, Environmental Geography

Publication year
Advances in Geographical and Environmental Sciences
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10 pages
Natural Sciences
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