Hewlett, Barry S.

Social Learning and Innovation in Contemporary Hunter-Gatherers

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Table of contents

1. Social Learning and Innovation in Hunter-Gatherers
Barry S. Hewlett

Part I. Evolutionary Approaches to Social Learning: Modes and Processes of Social Learning

2. A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Hunter-Gatherer Social Learning
Zachary H. Garfield, Melissa J. Garfield, Barry S. Hewlett

3. Teaching and Overimitation Among Aka Hunter-Gatherers
Barry S. Hewlett, Richard E. W. Berl, Casey J. Roulette

4. A Multistage Learning Model for Cultural Transmission: Evidence from Three Indigenous Societies
Victoria Reyes-García, Sandrine Gallois, Kathryn Demps

5. To Share or Not to Share? Social Processes of Learning to Share Food Among Hadza Hunter-Gatherer Children
Alyssa N. Crittenden

6. Learning to Spear Hunt Among Ethiopian Chabu Adolescent Hunter-Gatherers
Samuel Jilo Dira, Barry S. Hewlett

7. Transmission of Body Decoration Among the Baka Hunter-Gatherers
Yujie Peng

Part II. Situated Learning and Participatory Approaches to Social Learning

8. Education and Learning During Social Situations Among the Central Kalahari San
Akira Takada

9. Constructing Social Learning in Interaction Among the Baka Hunter-Gatherers
Koji Sonoda

10. Social and Epistemological Dimensions of Learning Among Nayaka Hunter-Gatherers
Danny Naveh

11. High Motivation and Low Gain: Food Procurement from Rainforest Foraging by Baka Hunter-Gatherer Children
Izumi Hagino, Taro Yamauchi

Part III. Play, Social Learning, and Innovation

12. Play, Music, and Taboo in the Reproduction of an Egalitarian Society
Jerome Lewis

13. Children’s Play and the Integration of Social and Individual Learning: A Cultural Niche Construction Perspective
Adam Howell Boyette

14. Evening Play: Acquainting Toddlers with Dangers and Fear at Yuendumu, Northern Territory
Yasmine Musharbash

15. Hunting Play Among the San Children: Imitation, Learning, and Play
Kaoru Imamura

16. When Hunters Gather but Do Not Hunt, Playing with the State in the Forest: Jarawa Children’s Changing World
Vishvajit Pandya

Part IV. Innovation and Cumulative Culture

17. Innovation, Processes of Social Learning, and Modes of Cultural Transmission Among the Chabu Adolescent Forager-Farmers of Ethiopia
Bonnie L. Hewlett

18. Variations in Shape, Local Classification, and the Establishment of a Chaîne Opératoire for Pot Making Among Female Potters in Southwestern Ethiopia
Morie Kaneko

19. Innovation of Paintings and Its Transmission: Case Studies from Aboriginal Art in Australia
Sachiko Kubota

Part V. Cognitive and Social Development Approaches to Social Learning

20. Early Social Cognitive Development in Baka Infants: Joint Attention, Behavior Control, Understanding of the Self Related to Others, Social Approaching, and Language Learning
Tadashi Koyama

21. Learning in Collaborative Action: Through the Artworks of Baka Pygmy Children
Eiko Yamagami

Part VI. Social Learning and Other Approaches to Understanding the Replacement of Neanderthals by Modern Humans

22. Hunter-Gatherers and Learning in Nature
Hideaki Terashima

23. Sociocultural Cultivation of Positive Attitudes Toward Learning: Considering Differences in Learning Ability Between Neanderthals and Modern Humans from Examining Inuit Children’s Learning Process
Keiichi Omura

24. Body Growth and Life History of Modern Humans and Neanderthals from the Perspective of Human Evolution
Taro Yamauchi

25. Evolutionary Locus of the Neanderthal Between Chimpanzees and Modern Humans: A Working Memory, Theory of Mind, and Brain Developmental, Piagetian Perspective
Juko Ando

26. Reflections on Hunter-Gatherer Social Learning and Innovation
Hideaki Terashima

Keywords: Social Sciences, Anthropology, Cognitive Psychology, Archaeology

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Replacement of Neanderthals by Modern Humans Series
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