Kamae, Katsuhiro

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Nuclear Risks

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Table of contents

Part I. Active Faults

1. Examination of the Correlation Between Tectonic Landforms and Shallow Subsurface Structural Datasets for the Estimation of Seismic Source Faults
Takashi Kumamoto, Masatoshi Fujita, Hideaki Goto, Takashi Nakata

2. Multivariate Statistical Analysis for Seismotectonic Provinces Using Earthquake, Active Fault, and Crustal Structure Datasets
Takashi Kumamoto, Masataka Tsukada, Masatoshi Fujita

3. Multiple Regression Analysis for Estimating Earthquake Magnitude as a Function of Fault Length and Recurrence Interval
Takashi Kumamoto, Kozo Oonishi, Yoko Futagami, Mark W. Stirling

4. Coseismic Tsunami Simulation Assuming the Displacement of High-Angle Branching Active Faults Identified on the Continental Slope Around the Japan Trench
Shota Muroi, Takashi Kumamoto

5. Extensive Area of Topographic Anaglyphs Covering Inland and Seafloor Derived Using a Detailed Digital Elevation Model for Identifying Broad Tectonic Deformations
Hideaki Goto

Part II. Seismic Source Modeling and Seismic Motion

6. Relation Between Stress Drops and Depths of Strong Motion Generation Areas Based on Previous Broadband Source Models for Crustal Earthquakes in Japan
Toshimi Satoh, Atsushi Okazaki

7. Heterogeneous Dynamic Stress Drops on Asperities in Inland Earthquakes Caused by Very Long Faults and Their Application to the Strong Ground Motion Prediction
Kazuo Dan, Masanobu Tohdo, Atsuko Oana, Toru Ishii, Hiroyuki Fujiwara, Nobuyuki Morikawa

8. Simulation of Broadband Strong Motion Based on the Empirical Green’s Spatial Derivative Method
Michihiro Ohori

Part III. Probabilistic Risk Assessment with External Hazards

9. Development of Risk Assessment Methodology Against External Hazards for Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors
Hidemasa Yamano, Hiroyuki Nishino, Yasushi Okano, Takahiro Yamamoto, Takashi Takata

10. Effectiveness Evaluation About the Tsunami Measures Taken at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa NPS
Masato Mizokami, Takashi Uemura, Yoshihiro Oyama, Yasunori Yamanaka, Shinichi Kawamura

11. Development of a New Mathematical Framework for Seismic Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Nuclear Power Plants – Plan and Current Status –
Hitoshi Muta, Ken Muramatsu, Osamu Furuya, Tomoaki Uchiyama, Akemi Nishida, Tsuyoshi Takada

Part IV. Nuclear Risk Governance in Society

12. Deficits of Japanese Nuclear Risk Governance Remaining After the Fukushima Accident: Case of Contaminated Water Management
Kohta Juraku

13. A Community-Based Risk Communication Approach on Low-Dose Radiation Effect
Naoki Yamano

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Nuclear Energy, Natural Hazards, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Page amount
12 pages
Natural Sciences
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