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High-Performance and Specialty Fibers

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Table of contents

Part I. Advancement of Fiber Science and Technology

1. History of Fiber Structure
Toshiji Kanaya, Keisuke Kaji

2. Progress in Structure Analysis Techniques of Fibers
Kohji Tashiro

3. Progress in Fiber Spinning Technology
Takeshi Kikutani

4. History of Polyester Resin Development for Synthetic Fibers and Its Forefront
Masatoshi Aoyama, Yoichiro Tanaka

Part II. High-Strength High-Modulus Organic Fibers

5. History of Super Fibers: Adventures in Quest of the Strongest Fiber
Hiroki Murase, Kazuyuki Yabuki

6. Microscopically Viewed Relationship Between Structure and Mechanical Property of Crystalline Polymers: An Important Guiding Principle for the Development of Super Fibers
Kohji Tashiro

7. Dyneema®: Super Fiber Produced by the Gel Spinning of a Flexible Polymer
Yasunori Fukushima, Hiroki Murase, Yasuo Ohta

8. Development of High-Strength Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Fibers: An Attempt from Semiflexible Chain Polymer
Takeshi Kikutani

9. Technora® Fiber: Super Fiber from the Isotropic Solution of Rigid-Rod Polymer
Shigeru Hayashida

10. Vectran®: Super Fiber from the Thermotropic Crystals of Rigid-Rod Polymer
Hideki Hoshiro, Ryokei Endo, Forrest E. Sloan

11. Zylon®: Super Fiber from Lyotropic Liquid Crystal of the Most Rigid Polymer
Yoshihiko Teramoto, Fuyuhiko Kubota

Part III. Functional and Speciality Man-Made Fibers

12. Overview of Functional and Speciality Fibers
Togi Suzuki

13. High-Touch Fibers and “Shin-gosen” (Newly Innovated Fabrics)
Hiroshi Takahashi

14. Moisture and Water Control Man-Made Fibers
Togi Suzuki, Sonoko Ishimaru

15. Heat-Controllable Man-Made Fibers
Sonoko Ishimaru

Part IV. Ultrafine and Nano Fibers

16. Nanofibers
Akihiko Tanioka, Mitsuhiro Takahashi

17. Nanofibers by Conjugated Spinning
Yuhei Maeda, Masato Masuda

18. Cellulose Nanofibers as New Bio-Based Nanomaterials
Akira Isogai

19. Forefront of Nanofibers: High Strength Fibers and Optoelectronic Applications
Hidetoshi Matsumoto

Part V. Carbon Fibers

20. Carbon Fiber
Makoto Endo

21. Pitch-Based Carbon Fibers
Yutaka Arai

22. Life Cycle Assessment of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastic
Tetsuyuki Kyono

23. Recycling Technologies of Carbon Fiber Composite Materials
Yoshitaka Kageyama

Part VI. Nonwovens

24. Current Status and Future Outlook for Nonwovens in Japan
Osamu Yaida

25. Bicomponent Polyester Fibers for Nonwovens
Masatsugu Mochizuki, Nobuhiro Matsunaga

26. The World’s Only Cellulosic Continuous Filament Nonwoven “Bemliese®
Eiji Shiota

27. Thermoplastic Polyurethane Nonwoven Fabric “Espansione”
Hiroyasu Shimizu

Part VII. Fibers in Future

28. Future Man-Made Fiber
Akira Yonenaga

Keywords: Materials Science, Ceramics, Glass, Composites, Natural Methods, Polymer Sciences, Textile Engineering

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