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Primates and Cetaceans

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Table of contents

Part I. Social Ecology

1. How Ecological Conditions Affect the Abundance and Social Organization of Folivorous Monkeys
Colin A. Chapman, Tamaini V. Snaith, Jan F. Gogarten

2. Dusky Dolphins: Flexibility in Foraging and Social Strategies
Bernd Würsig, Heidi C. Pearson

3. Socioecological Flexibility of Gorillas and Chimpanzees
Juichi Yamagiwa, Augustin Kanyunyi Basabose

4. You Are What You Eat: Foraging Specializations and Their Influence on the Social Organization and Behavior of Killer Whales
John K. B. Ford, Graeme M. Ellis

5. Japanese Macaques: Habitat-Driven Divergence in Social Dynamics
Goro Hanya

6. Shark Bay Bottlenose Dolphins: A Case Study for Defining and Measuring Sociality
Margaret A. Stanton, Janet Mann

Part II. Life History and Social Evolution

7. Female Coexistence and Competition in Ringtailed Lemurs: A Review of a Long-Term Study at Berenty, Madagascar
Yukio Takahata, Naoki Koyama, Shin’ichiro Ichino, Naomi Miyamoto, Takayo Soma, Masayuki Nakamichi

8. Social Structure and Life History of Bottlenose Dolphins Near Sarasota Bay, Florida: Insights from Four Decades and Five Generations
Randall S. Wells

9. Life History Tactics in Monkeys and Apes: Focus on Female-Dispersal Species
Juichi Yamagiwa, Yukiko Shimooka, David S. Sprague

10. Social Conflict Management in Primates: Is There a Case For Dolphins?
Marina Cords, Janet Mann

11. Evolution of Small-Group Territoriality in Gibbons
Warren Y. Brockelman, Anuttara Nathalang, David B. Greenberg, Udomlux Suwanvecho

Part III. Demography, Genetics, and Issues in Conservation

12. Northern Muriqui
Monkeys: Behavior
, Demography
, and Conservation

Karen B. Strier

13. Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins: A Demographic Perspective of a Threatened Species
Shiang-Lin Huang, Leszek Karczmarski

14. Mountain Gorillas: A Shifting Demographic Landscape
Elizabeth A. Williamson

15. Population Genetics in the Conservation of Cetaceans and Primates
Kimberly Andrews

16. Eco-toxicants: A Growing Global Threat
Victoria Tornero, Teresa J. Sylvina, Randall S. Wells, Jatinder Singh

Part IV. Selected Topics in Comparative Behavior

17. Observing and Quantifying Cetacean Behavior in the Wild: Current Problems, Limitations, and Future Directions
Janet Mann, Bernd Würsig

18. Social Network Analysis: Applications to Primate and Cetacean Societies
Margaret A. Stanton, Janet Mann

19. Social Touch in Apes and Dolphins
Michio Nakamura, Mai Sakai

20. Non-conceptive
Sexual Interactions in Monkeys, Apes, and Dolphins
Takeshi Furuichi, Richard Connor, Chie Hashimoto

21. A Mix of Species: Associations of Heterospecifics Among Primates and Dolphins
Marina Cords, Bernd Würsig

Keywords: Life Sciences, Zoology, Behavioural Sciences, Animal Ecology, Evolutionary Biology

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Primatology Monographs
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15 pages
Natural Sciences

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