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Zero-Carbon Energy Kyoto 2012

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Table of contents

Part I. Scenario Planning and Socio-economic Energy Research

1. Challenges of Nuclear Safety to Sustainable Development of Chinese Nuclear Energy in Post-Fukushima Era
Zhiwei Zhou

2. An Optimization Supply Model for Crude Oil and Natural Gas in the Middle East
Hooman Farzaneh, Keiichi N. Ishihara, Nuki Agya Utama, Benjamin McLellan, Tetsuo Tezuka

3. Energy Demand Forecast for South East Asia Region: An Econometric Approach with Relation to the Energy Per Capita “Curve”
Nuki Agya Utama, Keiichi N. Ishihara, Tetsuo Tezuka, Hooman Farzaneh, Benjamin McLellan, Qi Zhang

4. Multi-Objective Optimization Analysis of Post-Fukushima Power Generation Planning in Japan with Considering Nuclear Power’s Risk Cost
Qi Zhang, Tetsuo Tezuka, Keiichi Ishihara

5. Thailand’s Security of Energy Supply: Import Dependency Vulnerability Assessment
Kamonphorn Kanchana, Hironobu Unesaki

6. Measures to Promote Energy Conservation in Indonesian Households with Different Cultural Backgrounds: An Analysis on Electricity Prices Perspective
Muhammad Ery Wijaya, Tetsuo Tezuka

7. Analysis of Intentions to Recycle Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Using the Theory of Planned Behavior: A Case Study in Urban Areas of Vietnam
Hoang-Long Le, Eiji Yamasue, Hideyuki Okumura, Keiichi N. Ishihara

8. A Design Method of Online Community for Behavior Change Focusing on Participants’ Relationship
Saizo Aoyagi, Hirotake Ishii, Hiroshi Shimoda

Part II. Renewable Energy Research and CO2 Reduction Research

9. Effect of Water and Free Fatty Acids in Oil on Biodiesel Production by Supercritical Methyl Acetate Method
Fadjar Goembira, Shiro Saka

10. Reactivity of Triglycerides and Fatty Acids in Sub/Supercritical Dialkyl Carbonates for Biodiesel Production
Zul Ilham, Shiro Saka

11. Transformation of Crystalline Cellulose IIII to Cellulose Iβ in Semi-Flow Hot-Compressed Water Treatment
Rosnah Abdullah, Shiro Saka

12. Physico-Chemical Properties of Biodiesel from Various Feedstocks
Zan Win Moh Moh Phoo, Zul Ilham, Fadjar Goembira, Luis Razon, Shiro Saka

13. Woodfuel Utilization for Cooking in Indonesian Household: Assessment of Indoor PM10 Pollution and Wood Consumption at National Level
Haryono S. Huboyo, Susumu Tohno, Puji Lestari

14. Characterization of Hydrogen Jet Development in an Argon Atmosphere
Mohd Radzi Abu Mansor, Masahiro Shioji

15. Fabrication of Strontium Titanate Nanofibers via Electrospinning
Lea Macaraig, Surawut Chuangchote, Takashi Sagawa

16. A Study on Lithium Recovery from Seawater: Separation of Lithium from Hydrochloric Acid Solutions Containing CaCl2, MgCl2, MnCl2, NaCl, KCl, and LiCl
Namil Um, Tetsuji Hirato

17. Synthesis of Silver Nano-Wires Without Seeds by the Polyol Process
Duck-Hyun Song, Tetsuji Hirato

18. Relaxation Analysis of Li Inserted γ-Fe2O3 at Various Rates
Seungwon Park, Kaoru Takasu, Takeshi Yao

19. Thermal Stability and Catalytic Performance of Pd, Pt and Rh Loaded on CuO–CeO2–Al2O3 Support for Three-Way Catalysts
Nguyen The Luong, Eiji Yamasue, Hideki Okumura, Keiichi N. Ishihara

Part III. Advanced Nuclear Energy Research

20. Inherently-Safe High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor
Masuro Ogawa

21. Monte Carlo Calculations of γ-Rays Angular Distribution Scattering from 11B in (γ, γ) Interaction
Hani Negm, Mohamed Omer, Ryota Kinjo, Yong Woon Choi, Kyohei Yoshida, Torgasin Konstantin, Marie Shibata, Kyohei Shimahashi, Hidekazu Imon, Heishun Zen, Toshitada Hori, Toshiteru Kii, Kai Masuda, Hideaki Ohgaki

22. Optimization of the New Designed FEL Beam Transport Line
Kyohei Yoshida, Heishun Zen, Kensuke Okumura, Kyohei Shimahashi, Marie Shibata, Takuya Komai, Hidekazu Imon, Hani Negm, Mohamed Omer, Yong-Woon Choi, Ryota Kinjo, Toshiteru Kii, Kai Masuda, Hideaki Ohgaki

23. Diamagnetic Effect on the Ripple-Induced Losses of Energetic Ions in a Non-Axisymmetric Tokamak Plasma
Michinao Bunno, Yuji Nakamura

24. Formulation of the Two-Dimensional Heat Transport Equation in Tokamak Plasmas
Haruki Seto, Atsushi Fukuyama

25. Application of Very High Speed Camera in Measurement of Liquid Film Flow on Nuclear Rod Bundle in Micro-Scale
Son Hong Pham, Zensaku Kawara, Tomoaki Kunugi

26. Evaluation of Tritium Production in LiPb Blanket System Using Neutrons Analysis
Saerom Kwon, Kazuyuki Noborio, Ryuta Kasada, Satoshi Konishi

27. Analysis of SNIP Algorithm for Background Estimation in Spectra Measured with LaBr3: Ce Detectors
Mohamed Omer, Hani Negm, Ryota Kinjo, Yong-Woon Choi, Kyohei Yoshida, Torgasin Konstantin, Marie Shibata, Kyohei Shimahashi, Hidekazu Imon, Heishun Zen, Toshitada Hori, Toshiteru Kii, Kai Masuda, Hideaki Ohgaki

28. A Formulation of Nonlinear Collision Operator for the Monte Carlo Code in Toroidal Plasmas
Yoshitada Masaoka, Sadayoshi Murakami

29. The Rheological Characters of Surfactant Viscoelastic Solutions at Low Shear Rate
Li-Fang Jiao, Tomoaki Kunugi, Feng-Chen Li

30. Characteristics of Velocity Fields and Polymers’ Elongation in Elastic Turbulent Flow
Hong Na Zhang, Tomoaki Kunugi, Feng Chen Li

31. Visualization Study on Bubbly Turbulent Flow in a Small Square Duct
HaoMin Sun, Tomoaki Kunugi, DaZhuan Wu

32. A Feasibility Study of a Medical Application of Cylindrical Discharge Type Fusion Neutron Beam Source
Yasunori Nakai, Kazuyuki Noborio, Ryuta Kasada, Yasushi Yamamoto, Satoshi Konishi

Keywords: Energy, Energy, general, Renewable and Green Energy, Climate Change, R & D/Technology Policy, Environmental Physics, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology

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Green Energy and Technology
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307 pages
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