Yamamura, Norio

The Mongolian Ecosystem Network

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Table of contents

1. Ecosystem Networks as Social–Ecological Systems
Norio Yamamura

2. Characteristics and Transformation of the Pastoral System in Mongolia
Yuki Konagaya, Ai Maekawa

3. Distribution Patterns of Vegetation as a Fundamental Factor in Mongolian Ecosystems
Noboru Fujita, Narantsetsegiin Amartuvshin

4. Long-Term Study of the Relationship Between Precipitation and Productivity in the Main Pasture Vegetation of a Steppe Ecosystem in Eastern Mongolia
Luvsandorjiin Jargalsaikhan

5. Water Dynamics Within the Soil–Vegetation–Atmosphere System in a Steppe Region Covered by Shrubs and Herbaceous Plants
Takashi Satoh, Michiaki Sugita, Tsutomu Yamanaka, Maki Tsujimura, Reiichiro Ishii

6. A Possible Future Picture of Mongolian Forest-Steppe Vegetation Under Climate Change and Increasing Livestock: Results from a New Vegetation Transition Model at the Topographic Scale
Reiichiro Ishii, Noboru Fujita

7. Deforestation and Reforestation of Degraded Forestland in Mongolia
Jamsran Tsogtbaatar

8. Soil Diversity in Mongolia
Kenji Tamura, Maki Asano, Undarmaa Jamsran

9. Effects of Climate and Grazing on Surface Soil in Grassland
Muneto Hirobe, Junji Kondo

10. Degradation of Mongolian Grassland Vegetation Under Overgrazing by Livestock and Its Recovery by Protection from Livestock Grazing
Indree Tuvshintogtokh, Dorjgotov Ariungerel

11. Annual Production and Species Diversity of Mongolian Pasture Plants in Relation to Grazing Pressure by Livestock
Noboru Fujita, Narantsetsegiin Amartuvshin, Erdenegerel Ariunbold

12. Use of Steppe Vegetation by Nomadic Pastoralists in Mongolia
Urianhai Galzuud Nachinshonhor

13. Vegetation Interactions for the Better Understanding of a Mongolian Ecosystem Network
Noboru Fujita, Narantsetsegiin Amartuvshin, Erdenegerel Ariunbold

14. Pastoral Mobility and Pastureland Possession in Mongolia
Akira Kamimura

15. A Mathematical Model of Population Shift Between Urban and Rural Areas
Norio Yamamura, Yutaka Kobayashi, Reiichiro Ishii, Yasuhisa Saito

16. Change in Livestock Species and Their Spatial Distribution
Izuru Saizen

17. The Cash in Cashmere: Herders’ Incentives and Strategies to Increase the Goat Population in Post-Socialist Mongolia
Ai Maekawa

18. Marketability of Dairy Products in Relation to Distance in Northern Mongolia
Shinichi Mori

19. The Impact of Agricultural Development on Nomadic Pastoralism in Mongolia
Yuki Konagaya

20. Conflict Between Mining Development and Nomadism in Mongolia
Yukio Suzuki

21. Interference Impact of Global Warming and Globalization on the Society and Ecosystem in Mongolia
Zamba Batjargal, Batjargal Enkhjargal

Keywords: Life Sciences, Ecosystems, Terrestial Ecology, Environmental Management, Human Geography

Publication year
Ecological Research Monographs
Page amount
12 pages
Natural Sciences

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