Taniguchi, Makoto

The Dilemma of Boundaries

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Makoto Taniguchi, Takayuki Shiraiwa

2. Codification of International Law for Transboundary Aquifers by the United Nations
Chusei Yamada

3. Introduction
Takanori Nakano

4. Linkages Beyond the Surface–Subsurface and Land–Ocean Boundaries for Better Environmental Management in Asia
Makoto Taniguchi

5. The Nitrate–Arsenic Boundary as an Important Concept in Aquatic Environmental Studies
Takahiro Hosono

6. A Radon-Based Mass Balance Model for Assessing Groundwater Inflows to Lakes
William C. Burnett, Natasha Dimova

7. Introduction
Takeshi Nakatsuka

8. “Giant Fish-Breeding Forest”: A New Environmental System Linking Continental Watershed with Open Water
Takayuki Shiraiwa

9. Numerical Simulation of Dissolved Iron Production and Transport in the Amur River and the Sea of Okhotsk
Takeo Onishi, Humio Mitsudera, Keisuke Uchimoto

10. Transportation of Marine-Derived Nutrients (MDN) onto Land by Anadromous Fish: A Survey with Reference to Pacific Salmon in the Russian Far East
Takeshi Murota

11. Introduction
Stephen McCauley

12. National Boundaries and the Fragmentation of Governance Systems: Amur-Okhotsk Ecosystem from the Legal and Political Perspective
Yasunori Hanamatsu

13. History of ‘Uotsukirin’ (Fish-Breeding Forests) in Japan
Hiroshi Wakana

14. Integrating Groundwater Boundary Matters into Catchment Management
William Todd Jarvis

15. A Boundary Between Surface Water and Groundwater in Japanese Legal System: Its Consequences and Implications
Takahiro Endo

16. Introduction
Osamu Ieda

17. The Helsinki Convention: 35 Years and Three Eras in Bridging Boundaries to Restore the Marine Environment of the Baltic Sea
Hermanni Backer, Juha-Markku Leppänen

18. Combining Activities of Sato-Umi and Sato-Yama in Japan: Towards a New Type of Integrated Coastal and Watershed Management
Osamu Matsuda

19. Aquifers Know No Boundaries… But Farmers Do! So, Who Should Care?!
Shammy Puri

20. Sustainable Management of Groundwater Resources for 700,000-Plus Residents: A Practical Example of the Transboundary Management of Groundwater Resources in the Kumamoto Area, Japan
Jun Shimada

21. The Dilemma of Boundaries in Environmental Science and Policy: Moving Beyond the Traditional Watershed Concept
Takeo Onishi, Makoto Taniguchi, Takayuki Shiraiwa, Takahiro Endo, Yasunori Hanamatsu

Keywords: Environment, Environment, general, Geography (general), Hydrogeology, Environmental Management, Civil Engineering

Publication year
Global Environmental Studies
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288 pages
Natural Sciences

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