Matsuzawa, Tetsuro

The Chimpanzees of Bossou and Nimba

Matsuzawa, Tetsuro - The Chimpanzees of Bossou and Nimba, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Color Plates
Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Tatyana Humle, Yukimaru Sugiyama

Part I. Introduction

2. Bossou: 33 Years
Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Tatyana Humle

Part II. History and Ecology

3. Location and Ecology
Tatyana Humle

4. The Demography and Reproductive Parameters of Bossou Chimpanzees
Yukimaru Sugiyama, Shiho Fujita

5. The “Prehistory” Before 1976: Looking Back on Three Decades of Research on Bossou Chimpanzees
Gen Yamakoshi

6. The Chimpanzees of West Africa: From “Man-Like Beast” to “Our Endangered Cousin”
Asami Kabasawa

Part III. Culture: Tool Manufacture and Use

7. The Tool Repertoire of Bossou Chimpanzees
Tatyana Humle

8. Stone Tools for Nut-Cracking
Tetsuro Matsuzawa

9. Use of Leaves for Drinking Water
Cláudia Sousa

10. Ant-Dipping: How Ants Have Shed Light on Culture
Tatyana Humle

11. Pestle-Pounding Behavior: The Key to the Coexistence of Humans and Chimpanzees
Gen Yamakoshi

12. Algae Scooping Remains a Puzzle
Tatyana Humle, Gen Yamakoshi, Tetsuro Matsuzawa

13. Ant Fishing in Trees: Invention and Modification of a New Tool-Use Behavior
Shinya Yamamoto, Gen Yamakoshi, Tatyana Humle, Tetsuro Matsuzawa

14. Log Doll: Pretence in Wild Chimpanzees
Tetsuro Matsuzawa

15. Animal Toying
Satoshi Hirata, Yuu Mizuno

Part IV. Stone-Tool Use: Observation and Experiments

16. Extensive Surveys of Chimpanzee Stone Tools: From the Telescope to the Magnifying Glass
Susana Carvalho

17. Field Experiments of Tool-Use
Tetsuro Matsuzawa

18. Clues to Culture? The Coula- and Panda-Nut Experiments
Dora Biro

19. From Handling Stones and Nuts to Tool-Use
Misato Hayashi, Noriko Inoue-Nakamura

20. The Emergence of Stone-Tool Use in Captive Chimpanzees
Satoshi Hirata, Misato Hayashi

21. A Gibsonian Motor Analysis of the Nut-Cracking Technique
Blandine Bril, Gilles Dietrich, Satoshi Hirata

22. Education by Master-Apprenticeship
Tetsuro Matsuzawa

Part V. Social Life and Social Intelligence

23. The Crop-Raiders of the Sacred Hill
Kimberley Jane Hockings

24. Behavioral Flexibility and Division of Roles in Chimpanzee Road-Crossing
Kimberley Jane Hockings

25. Play Behaviors Involving the Use of Objects in Young Chimpanzees at Bossou
Masako Myowa-Yamakoshi, Gen Yamakoshi

26. Chimpanzee Mothers Carry the Mummified Remains of Their Dead Infants: Three Case Reports from Bossou
Dora Biro

27. Comparison of Social Behaviors
Michio Nakamura

Part VI. Adjacent Communities

28. The Chimpanzees of Yealé, Nimba
Tatyana Humle

29. Chimpanzees in the Seringbara Region of the Nimba Mountains
Kathelijne Koops

30. Chimpanzees in the Eastern Part of the Nimba Mountains Biosphere Reserve: Gouéla II and Déré Forest
Nicolas Granier

31. Diécké Forest, Guinea: Delving into Chimpanzee Behavior Using Stone Tool Surveys
Susana Carvalho

32. From Bossou to the Forests of Liberia
Gaku Ohashi

Part VII. Conservation

33. The 2003 Epidemic of a Flu-Like Respiratory Disease at Bossou
Tatyana Humle

34. Microclimate and Moving Pattern
Hiroyuki Takemoto

35. Genetic Variation in the Chimpanzees of Bossou and Nimba
Makoto K. Shimada

36. Intestinal Bacteria in Chimpanzees in Bossou: A Preliminary Study of Their Nutritional Implication
Kazunari Ushida

37. Health Monitoring
Shiho Fujita

38. Green Corridor Project: Planting Trees in the Savanna Between Bossou and Nimba
Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Gaku Ohashi, Tatyana Humle, Nicolas Granier, Makan Kourouma, Aly Gaspard Soumah

39. Environmental Education and Community Development in and Around Bossou
Tatyana Humle

40. Conservation Issues in the Nimba Mountains
Nicolas Granier, Laura Martinez

41. Chimpanzees in Guinea and in West Africa
Tatyana Humle, Rebecca Kormos

Keywords: Life Sciences, Zoology, Behavioural Sciences, Animal Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Cognitive Psychology

Publication year
Primatology Monographs
Page amount
492 pages
Natural Sciences

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