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Groundwater and Subsurface Environments

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Table of contents

Part I. Subsurface Environmental Problems and Urban Development in Asia

1. What are the Subsurface Environmental Problems?
Makoto Taniguchi

2. Asian Urbanization and Its Environments
Gayl D. Ness

3. Urban Development and Water Environment Changes in Asian Megacities
Akihisa Yoshikoshi

4. Comparative Analysis on Land Use Distributions and Their Changes in Asian Mega Cities
Akio Yamashita

Part II. Groundwater Degradation and Resources Management

5. Monitoring Groundwater Variations Using Precise Gravimetry on Land and from Space
Yoichi Fukuda

6. The Proposed Groundwater Management for the Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia
Robert M. Delinom

7. Review of Groundwater Management and Land Subsidence in Bangkok, Thailand
Oranuj Lorphensri, Anirut Ladawadee, Surapol Dhammasarn

Part III. Groundwater Contamination and Loads to the Ocean

8. Detecting Groundwater Inputs into Bangkok Canals Via Radon and Thoron Measurements
Supitcha Chanyotha, Makoto Taniguchi, William C. Burnett

9. Subsurface Pollution in Asian Megacities
Shin-ichi Onodera

Part IV. Subsurface Thermal Anomalies Due to Global Warming and Urbanization

10. Comparisons Between Air and Subsurface Temperatures in Taiwan for the Past Century: A Global Warming Perspective
Chieh-Hung Chen, Chung-Ho Wang, Deng-Lung Chen, Yang-Yi Sun, Jann-Yenq Liu, Ta-Kang Yeh, Horng-Yuan Yen, Shu-Hao Chang

11. Evolution of the Subsurface Thermal Environment in Urban Areas: Studies in Large Cities in East Asia
Makoto Yamano

12. Urban Warming and Urban Heat Islands in Taipei, Taiwan
Yingjiu Bai, Jehn-Yih Juang, Akihiko Kondoh

Part V. Integrated Assessment of Subsurface Environments in Asia

13. Long-Term Urbanization and Land Subsidence in Asian Megacities: An Indicators System Approach
Shinji Kaneko, Tomoyo Toyota

14. Sinking Cities and Governmental Action: Institutional Responses to Land Subsidence in Osaka and Bangkok
Takahiro Endo

15. Chemical and Physical Evidences in the Groundwater Aquifer Caused by Over-Pumping of Groundwater and Their Countermeasures in the Major Asian Coastal Cities
Jun Shimada

Keywords: Environment, Environment, general, Geography (general), Hydrogeology, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning

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