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From Genes to Animal Behavior

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Table of contents

Part I. Sexual and Kin Selection in Animals

1. Female Mate Choice in Rodents
Jörns Fickel, Alexandra Weyrich

2. Extra-Pair Paternity and Sexual Selection
Emmi Schlicht, Bart Kempenaers

3. Male Reproductive Skew and Paternal Kin-Biased Behavior in Primates
Eiji Inoue

4. Social Structures and Conflict Resolution in Primitively Eusocial Polistes Wasps
Koji Tsuchida

Part II. Evolutionary Bases and Practical Implications of Animal Personality and Temperament

5. How to Measure Animal Personality and Why Does It Matter? Integrating the Psychological and Biological Approaches to Animal Personality
Sonja E. Koski

6. Evolutionary Genetics of Personality in Nonhuman Primates
Mark James Adams

7. Toward a Basis for the Phenotypic Gambit: Advances in the Evolutionary Genetics of Animal Personality
Kees Oers, David L. Sinn

8. Applications of Personality to the Management and Conservation of Nonhuman Animals
David M. Powell, Marieke Cassia Gartner

9. Developing and Validating Measures of Temperament in Livestock
Simon P. Turner, Jenny M. Gibbons, Marie J. Haskell

Part III. Molecular Genetic Bases of Personality and Temperament

10. Genetic Variants of the Dopaminergic System in Humans and Model Organisms
Kouta Kanno, Shoichi Ishiura

11. Molecular Behavioral Research in Great Apes
Miho Inoue-Murayama, Alexander Weiss, Naruki Morimura, Masayuki Tanaka, Juichi Yamagiwa, Gen’ichi Idani

12. “Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog” Revisited: Searching for Genes Relating to Personality in Dogs
Enikő Kubinyi, Mária Sasvári-Székely, Ádám Miklósi

13. Personality-Associated Genetic Variation in Birds and Its Possible Significance for Avian Evolution, Conservation, and Welfare
Andrew Fidler

Part IV. Evolution of Coloration and Visual Opsin Genes in Vertebrates

14. Evolutionary Genetics of Coloration in Primates and Other Vertebrates
Nicholas I. Mundy

15. Speciation of Cichlid Fishes by Sensory Drive
Yohey Terai, Norihiro Okada

16. Evolutionary Diversification of Visual Opsin Genes in Fish and Primates
Shoji Kawamura

Part V. Chemical and Neural Probes for Studying Social Behaviors

17. Effect of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals on the Development of Macaque Socialization
Takamasa Koyama, Akiko Nakagami

18. Functional Association Between the Brain and Physiological Responses Accompanying Negative and Positive Emotions and Its Regulation by Genetic Factors
Hideki Ohira

19. Molecular Brain Imaging of Personality Traits in Nonhuman Primates: A Study of the Common Marmoset
Chihiro Yokoyama, Hirotaka Onoe

Keywords: Life Sciences, Animal Genetics and Genomics

Publication year
Primatology Monographs
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431 pages
Natural Sciences

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