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The Japanese Macaques

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Table of contents

Part I. Intra-specific Variation: Overview of Field Research and Related Studies

1. Research History of Japanese Macaques in Japan
Juichi Yamagiwa

2. Morphological Characteristics, Growth, and Aging in Japanese Macaques
Yuzuru Hamada, Ayumi Yamamoto

3. Modes of Differentiation in Japanese Macaques: Perspectives from Population Genetics
Yoshi Kawamoto

Part II. Intra-specific Variation: Ecology and Conservation

4. Ecological Adaptations of Temperate Primates: Population Density of Japanese Macaques
Goro Hanya

5. Regional, Temporal, and Interindividual Variation in the Feeding Ecology of Japanese Macaques
Yamato Tsuji

6. Seed Dispersal by Japanese Macaques
Tatsuya Otani

7. Conservation: Present Status of the Japanese Macaque Population and Its Habitat
Yasuyuki Muroyama, Aya Yamada

Part III. Intra-specific Variation: Behaviors and Social Relationships

8. The Ecological Design of the Affiliative Vocal Communication Style in Wild Japanese Macaques: Behavioral Adjustments to Social Contexts and Environments
Hiroki Koda, Hideki Sugiura

9. Cultured Japanese Macaques: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Stone Handling Behavior and Its Implications for the Evolution of Behavioral Tradition in Nonhuman Primates
Michael A. Huffman, Jean-Baptiste Leca, Charmalie A. D. Nahallage

10. Interaction Between Male and Female Mating Strategies and Factors Affecting Reproductive Outcome
Shiho Fujita

11. Lifetime Social Development in Female Japanese Macaques
Masayuki Nakamichi, Kazunori Yamada

12. Intraspecific Differences in Social Structure of the Japanese Macaques: A Revival of Lost Legacy by Updated Knowledge and Perspective
Naofumi Nakagawa

Part IV. Recent Topics from Unique Approaches

13. Topic 1: Behavior-Related Candidate Genes in Japanese Macaques
Miho Inoue-Murayama, Eiji Inoue, Kunio Watanabe, Akiko Takenaka, Yuichi Murayama

14. Topic 2: Fatty Acid Content of the Plants Consumed by Japanese Macaques
Akiko Takenaka, Yoshito Koyama, Shin’ichi Ito, Makoto Murase, Yoshikazu Ueno, Osamu Takenaka

15. Topic 3: Toward Understanding the Role of Diet in Host–Parasite Interactions: The Case for Japanese Macaques
Andrew J. J. MacIntosh, Michael A. Huffman

16. Topic 4: Did a Habitat Bottleneck Exist in the Recent History of Japanese Macaques?
David S. Sprague, Nobusuke Iwasaki

17. Topic 5: Resolution of Human–Macaque Conflicts: Changing from Top-Down to Community-Based Damage Management
Katsuya Suzuki, Yasuyuki Muroyama

18. Topic 6: Social Object Play Among Juvenile Japanese Macaques
Masaki Shimada

19. Topic 7: Japanese Macaque Society as a Complex Adaptive System
Nobuyuki Kutsukake

20. Color Plates
Naofumi Nakagawa, Masayuki Nakamichi, Hideki Sugiura

Keywords: Life Sciences, Zoology

Publication year
Primatology Monographs
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425 pages
Natural Sciences

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