Gini, Maria

Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems 7

Gini, Maria - Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems 7, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Distributed Biconnectivity Check
Mazda Ahmadi, Peter Stone

2. A Method for Building Small-Size Segment-Based Maps
Francesco Amigoni, Giulio Fontana, Fabio Garigiola

3. Learning when to Auction and when to Bid
Dídac Busquets, Reid Simmons

4. System Identification of Self-Organizing Robotic Swarms
Nikolaus Correll, Alcherio Martinoli

5. Synchronization Control by Structural Modification of Nonlinear Oscillator Network
Tetsuro Funato, Daisuke Kurabayashi, Masahito Nara

6. Frontier-Graph Exploration for Multi-robot Systems in an Unknown Indoor Environment
Mark Gossage, Ai Peng New, Chee Kong Cheng

7. Distributed Robotic: a Language Approach
Claude Guéganno, Dominique Duhaut

8. A Particle Swarm-based Mobile Sensor Network for Odor Source Localization in a Dynamic Environment
Wisnu Jatmiko, Kosuke Sekiyama, Toshio Fukuda

9. Cooperative Multi-robot Target Tracking
Boyoon Jung, Gaurav S. Sukhatme

10. Comparative Study of Market-Based and Threshold-Based Task Allocation
Nidhi Kalra, Alcherio Martinoli

11. Single Operator, Multiple Robots: Call-Request Handling in Tight-Coordination Tasks
Gal A. Kaminka, Yehuda Elmaliach

12. Distributed Metamorphosis Control of a Modular Robotic System M-TRAN
Haruhisa Kurokawa, Kohji Tomita, Akiya Kamimura, Satoshi Murata, Yuzuru Terada, Shigeru Kokaji

13. Preliminary Results in Tracking Mobile Targets Using Range Sensors from Multiple Robots
Elizabeth Liao, Geoffrey Hollinger, Joseph Djugash, Sanjiv Singh

14. Robotic Swarm Dispersion Using Wireless Intensity Signals
Luke Ludwig, Maria Gini

15. Distributed, Play-Based Role Assignment for Robot Teams in Dynamic Environments
Colin McMillen, Manuela Veloso

16. Simultaneous Planning, Localization, and Mapping in a Camera Sensor Network
David Meger, Ioannis Rekleitis, Gregory Dudek

17. Adaptive Robotic Communication Using Coordination Costs
Avi Rosenfeld, Gal A Kaminka, Sarit Kraus

18. What to Communicate? Execution-Time Decision in Multi-agent POMDPs
Maayan Roth, Reid Simmons, Manuela Veloso

19. A Distributed Multi-robot Cooperation Framework for Real Time Task Achievement
Sanem Sariel, Tucker Balch

20. Empirical Evaluation of Auction-Based Coordination of AUVs in a Realistic Simulated Mine Countermeasure Task
Sanem Sariel, Tucker Balch, Jason Stack

21. Principled Synthesis for Large-Scale Systems: Task Sequencing
Dylan A. Shell, Maja J Mataric

22. A Study on Proportion Regulation Model for Multi-Robot System
Ken Sugawara, Tsuyoshi Mizuguchi

23. Market-Based Multi-robot Coalition Formation
Lovekesh Vig, Julie A. Adams

24. Multi-robot User Interface Modeling
Alan R. Wagner, Yoichiro Endo, Patrick Ulam, Ronald C. Arkin


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