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Adaptive Motion of Animals and Machines

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Table of contents

Part 1.Motion Generation and Adaptation in Animals

1. Overview of Adaptive Motion in Animals and Its Control Principles Applied to Machines
Avis H. Cohen

2. Robust Behaviour of the Human Leg
Reinhard Blickhan, Andre Seyfarth, Heiko Wagner, Arnd Friedrichs, Michael Günther, Klaus D. Maier

3. Control of Hexapod Walking in Biological Systems
Holk Cruse, Volker Dürr, Josef Schmitz, Axel Schneider

4. Purposive Locomotion of Insects in an Indefinite Environment
Masafumi Yano

5. Control Principles for Locomotion -Looking Toward Biology
Avis H. Cohen

6. Higher Nervous Control of Quadrupedal vs Bipedal Locomotion in Non-human Primates; Common and Specific Properties
Shigemi Mori, Futoshi Mori, Katsumi Nakajima

Part 2.Adaptive Mechanics

7. Interactions between Motions of the Trunk and the Angle of Attack of the Forelimbs in Synchronous Gaits of the Pika (Ochotona rufescens)
Remi Hackert, Hartmut Witte, Martin S. Fischer

8. On the Dynamics of Bounding and Extensions: Towards the Half-Bound and Gallop Gaits
Ioannis Poulakakis, James Andrew Smith, Martin Buehler

Part 3.Machine Design and Control

9. Jumping, Walking, Dancing, Reaching: Moving into the Future. Design Principles for Adaptive Motion
Rolf Pfeifer

10. Towards a “Well-Balanced” Design: How Should Control and Body Systems be Coupled?
Akio Ishiguro, Kazuhisa Ishimaru, Toshihiro Kawakatsu

11. Experimental Study on Control of Redundant 3-D Snake Robot Based on a Kinematic Model
Fumitoshi Matsuno, Kentaro Suenaga

Part 4.Bipedal Locomotion Utilizing Natural Dynamics

12. Simulation Study of Self-Excited Walking of a Biped Mechanism with Bent Knee
Kyosuke Ono, Xiaofeng Yao

13. Design and Construction of MIKE; a 2-D Autonomous Biped Based on Passive Dynamic Walking
Martijn Wisse, Jan Frankenhuyzen

14. Learning Energy-Efficient Walking with Ballistic Walking
Masaki Ogino, Koh Hosoda, Minoru Asada

15. Motion Generation and Control of Quasi Passsive Dynamic Walking Based on the Concept of Delayed Feedback Control
Yasuhiro Sugimoto, Koichi Osuka

Part 5.Neuro-Mechanics & CPG and/or Reflexes

16. Gait Transition from Swimming to Walking: Investigation of Salamander Locomotion Control Using Nonlinear Oscillators
Auke Jan Ijspeert, Jean-Marie Cabelguen

17. Nonlinear Dynamics of Human Locomotion: from Real-Time Adaptation to Development
Gentaro Taga

18. Towards Emulating Adaptive Locomotion of a Quadrupedal Primate by a Neuro-musculo-skeletal Model
Naomichi Ogihara, Nobutoshi Yamazaki

19. Dynamics-Based Motion Adaptation for a Quadruped Robot
Hiroshi Kimura, Yasuhiro Fukuoka

20. A Turning Strategy of a Multi-legged Locomotion Robot
Kazuo Tsuchiya, Shinya Aoi, Katsuyoshi Tsujita

21. A Behaviour Network Concept for Controlling Walking Machines
Jan Albiez, Tobias Luksch, Karsten Berns, Rüdiger Dillmann

Part 6.Adaptation at Higher Nervous Level

22. Control of Bipedal Walking in the Japanese Monkey, M. fuscata: Reactive and Anticipatory Control Mechanisms
Futoshi Mori, Katsumi Nakajima, Shigemi Mori

23. Dynamic Movement Primitives -A Framework for Motor Control in Humans and Humanoid Robotics
Stefan Schaal

24. Coupling Environmental Information from Visual System to Changes in Locomotion Patterns: Implications for the Design of Adaptable Biped Robots
Aftab E. Patla, Michael Cinelli, Michael Greig


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