Kok, Luit J.

Plant Responses to Air Pollution and Global Change

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Table of contents

I..Plant Responses to Air Pollution

1. Metabolism of atmospheric sulfur gases in onion
Mark Durenkamp, Freek S. Posthumus, C. Elisabeth E. Stuiver, Luit J. Kok

2. Impact of atmospheric NH3 deposition on plant growth and functioning — a case study with Brassica oleracea L.
Ana Castro, Ineke Stulen, Luit J. Kok

3. How sensitive are forest trees to ozone? - New research on an old issue
Rainer Matyssek, Gerhard Wieser, Angela J. Nunn, Markus Löw, Christiane Then, Karin Herbinger, Manuela Blumenröther, Sascha Jehnes, Ilja M. Reiter, Christian Heerdt, Nina Koch, Karl-Heinz Häberle, Kris Haberer, Herbert Werner, Michael Tausz, Peter Fabian, Heinz Rennenberg, Dieter Grill, Wolfgang Oßwald

4. Northern conditions enhance the susceptibility of birch (Betula pendula Roth) to oxidative stress caused by ozone
Elina Oksanen

5. Physiological responses of trees to air pollutants at high elevation sites
Dieter Grill, Hardy Pfanz, Bohumir Lomsky, Andrzej Bytnerowicz, Nancy E. Grulke, Michael Tausz

6. Complex assessment of forest condition under air pollution impacts
Tatiana A. Mikhailova, Nadezhda S. Berezhnaya, Olga V. Ignatieva, Larisa V. Afanasieva

7. Evaluation of the ozone-related risk for Austrian forests
Friedl Herman, Stefan Smidt, Wolfgang Loibl, Harald R. Bolhar-Nordenkampf

8. Causes of differences in response of plant species to nitrogen supply and the ecological consequences
David W. Lawlor

II..Plant Responses to Climate Change

9. Long-term effects of elevated CO2 on sour orange trees
Bruce A. Kimball, Sherwood B. Idso

10. Plant responses to climate change: impacts and adaptation
David W Lawlor

11. Effects of elevated carbon dioxide concentration on wood structure and formation in trees
Ken’ichi Yazaki, Yutaka Maruyama, Shigeta Mori, Takayoshi Koike, Ryo Funada

III..Plant Responses to Combination of Air Pollution and Climate Change

12. Carbon dioxide and ozone affect needle nitrogen and abscission in Pinus ponderosa
David M. Olszyk, David T. Tingey, William E. Hogsett, E. Henry Lee

13. Effects of air pollution and climate change on forests of the Tatra Mountains, Central Europe
Peter Fleischer, Barbara Godzik, Svetlana Bicarova, Andrzej Bytnerowicz

IV..Genetics and Molecular Biology for Functioning Improvement

14. MAPK signalling and plant cell survival in response to oxidative environmental stress
Marcus A. Samuel, Godfrey P. Miles, Brian E. Ellis

15. Expression of cyanobacterial ictB in higher plants enhanced photosynthesis and growth
Judy Lieman-Hurwitz, Leonid Asipov, Shimon Rachmilevitch, Yehouda Marcus, Aaron Kaplan

16. Improvement of photosynthesis in higher plants
Masahiro Tamoi, Shigeru Shigeoka

17. Modification of CO2 fixation of photosynthetic prokaryote
Akira Wadano, Manabu Tsukamoto, Yoshihisa Nakano, Toshio Iwaki

18. Specificity of diatom Rubisco
Richard P. Haslam, Alfred J. Keys, P John Andralojc, Pippa J. Madgwick, Andersson Inger, Anette Grimsrud, Hans C. Eilertsen, Martin A. J. Parry

19. Regulation of CO2 fixation in non-sulfur purple photosynthetic bacteria
Simona Romagnoli, F. Robert Tabita

V..Experimental Ecosystem and Climate Change Research

20. Experimental ecosystem and climate change research in controlled environments: lessons from the Biosphere 2 Laboratory 1996–2003
Barry Osmond

21. Importance of air movement for promoting gas and heat exchanges between plants and atmosphere under controlled environments
Yoshiaki Kitaya

22. Pros and cons of CO2 springs as experimental sites
Elena Paoletti, Hardy Pfanz, Antonio Raschi

VI..Global Carbon Cycles in Ecosystem and Assessment of Climate Change Impacts

23. Carbon dynamics in response to climate and disturbance: Recent progress from multi-scale measurements and modeling in AmeriFlux
Beverly Law

24. Synthetic analysis of the CO2 fluxes at various forests in East Asia
Susumu Yamamoto, Nobuko Saigusa, Shohei Murayama, Minoru Gamo, Yoshikazu Ohtani, Yoshiko Kosugi, Makoto Tani

25. 3-D remote sensing of woody canopy height and carbon stocks by helicopter-borne scanning lidar
Kenji Omasa, Fumiki Hosoi

26. Assessments of climate change impacts on the terrestrial ecosystem in Japan using the Bio-Geographical and GeoChemical (BGGC) Model
Yo Shimizu, Tomohiro Hajima, Kenji Omasa

VII..Air Pollution and Global Change in Asia

27. Establishing critical levels of air pollutants for protecting East Asian vegetation — A challenge
Yoshihisa Kohno, Hideyuki Matsumura, Takashi Ishii, Takeshi Izuta

28. Major activities of acid deposition monitoring network in East Asia (EANET) and related studies
Tsumugu Totsuka, Hiroyuki Sase, Hideyuki Shimizu

29. Land degradation and blown-sand disaster in China
Pei-Jun Shi, Hideyuki Shimizu, Jing-Ai Wang, Lian-You Liu, Xiao-Yan Li, Yi-Da Fan, Yun-Jiang Yu, Hai-Kun Jia, Yanzhi Zhao, Lei Wang, Yang Song

30. Impact of meteorological fields and surface conditions on Asian dust
Seiji Sugata, Masataka Nishikawa, Nobuo Sugimoto, Ikuko Mori, Atsushi Shimizu

31. A case study on combating desertification at a small watershed in the hills-gully area of loess plateau, China
Junliang Tian, Puling Liu, Hideyuki Shimizu, Shinobu Inanaga

32. A recipe for sustainable agriculture in drylands
Shinobu Inanaga, A. Egrinya Eneji, Ping An, Hideyuki Shimizu


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