Ishii, Katsuaki

Plantation Technology in Tropical Forest Science

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Table of contents

Part I.General Overview

1. Ecology and Physiology of Dipterocarpaceae
Satohiko Sasaki

2. Forest Genetics for Sustainable Forest Management
Jeffery Burley

3. Recent Developments in Vegetative Propagation Techniques and Their Application for Tropical Forest Trees
Katsuaki Ishii

4. The Significance of Mycorrhizae in Forest Ecosystems
Kazuo Suzuki

5. Plantation Forestry in the Tropics
Shobu Sakurai

Part II.Propagation Technique for Tropical Forest Trees

6. Vegetative Propagation of Dipterocarp Species by Stem Cuttings Using a Very Simple Technique
Darus Haji Ahmad

7. Assessment of the Relative Amenability to Vegetative Propagation by Leafy Cuttings of 14 Tropical and Subtropical Eucalyptus and Corymbia Species
Amanda Baker, Stephen Walker

8. Production of Cuttings in a Peat Swamp Species from Sarawak, Malaysia
Akira Kitaoka, Yoichi Uchimura, Hideaki Asaishi

9. Developments in Dipterocarp Propagation Research in the Philippines
Mitzi Pollisco

10. An Updated Overview of Advances in Somatic Embryogenesis in Forest Trees
S. Mohan Jain

11. Comparative Studies on the Survival and Growth of Seedlings and in Vitro-Raised Plants of Shorea robusta and Dipterocarpus turbinatus
Shyamal Roy

12. Tissue Culture of Swietenia macrophylla King (Big-Leaf Mahogany)
Emilio Maruyama

13. Micropropagation of Shorea roxburghii and Gmelina arborea by Shoot-Apex Culture
Kentaro Nakamura

14. Tree Tissue Culture and Ex Vitro Sand Rooting for Reforestation
H. K. Saiju

Part III.Use of Mycorrhizae Symbiosis for Dipterocarp Forests

15. Mycorrhizal Research in Malaysian Plantation Forestry
Su-See Lee

16. Remarks on the Mycorrhizae of Some Tree Species in Vietnam
Nguyen Sy Giao

17. Mycorrhizal Formation and Growth of Shorea leprosula in Bukit Suharto After Using Charcoal and Rockphosphate
Suhardi, Eny Faridah, Ecep Iskandar, Sri Rahayu

18. Inoculation Method of Scleroderma columnare onto Dipterocarps
Makoto Ogawa

19. Competitiveness of Two Strains of Pisolithus tinctorius on Seedlings of Three Dipterocarp Species Under Nursery and Field Conditions
Yu Shyun Chang, Su See Lee, Frederic Lapeyrie, Mohd Sanip Yazid

20. Ectomycorrhizas of Dipterocarps in Logged-Over Forests and Plantations
Junichi Klkuchi

Part IV.Man-Made Forests and Biodiversity in the Asia-Pacific Region

21. The Role of Industrial Forest Plantations in Supporting Pulp and Paper Industries: A Case Study in South Sumatra, Indonesia
Bambang Hero Saharjo

22. Planting Techniques and Growth of Dipterocarps in an Abandoned Secondary Forest in East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Kenji Matsune, Ryo Soda, Sunyoto, Takeshi Tange, Satohiko Sasaki, Suparno

23. Effect of Enrichment Planting on Restoring the Logged-Over Dipterocarps in a Tropical Rainforest of Central Sumatra
Yasuyuki Okimori, Junichi Kikuchi, Suryo Hardiwinoto

24. Effects of Periodic Drought on Gas Exchange and Phyllode Water Status of Acacia mangium and A. auriculiformis Growing on Sand Tailings
L. Ang, Y. Maruyama, C. Mullins, W. Seel

25. Reforestation and Biodiversity in the Asia-Pacific Region
Jiro Kikkawa

26. Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management of Forests: Socioeconomic Problems with Farm-Forestry of Rainforest Timber Production in North Queensland
N. Stork, S. Harrison, J. Herbohn, R. Keenan


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