Weidauer, Jens

Electrical Drives: Principles, Planning, Applications, Solutions

Weidauer, Jens - Electrical Drives: Principles, Planning, Applications, Solutions, ebook

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From the point of view of a user this book covers all aspects of modern electrical drives. It is aimed at both users, who wish to understand, design, use, and maintain electrical drives, as well as specialists, technicians, engineers, and students, who wish to gain a comprehensive overview of electrical drives.
Jens Weidauer and Richard Messer describe the principles of electrical drives, their design, and application, through to complex automation solutions. In the process, they introduce the entire spectrum of drive solutions available and their main applications. A special aspect is the combination of multiple drives to form a drive system, as well as the integration of drives into automation solutions.
In simple and clear language, and supported with many diagrams, complex relationships are described and presented in an easy-to-understand way. The authors deliberately avoid a comprehensive mathematical treatment of their subject and instead focus on a coherent description of the active principles and relationships. As a result, the reader will be in a position to understand electrical drives as a whole and to solve drive-related problems in everyday professional life.

Keywords: motors, asynchronous, drives, direct, overview, principles, current, electrical, mechanical, relevant, practitioner, solutions, complex automation, field, perfectly, modern, acquainted, book, suitable, become, sized companies

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