Leibold, Marius

Digital Rebirth: How Smart Companies Recreate Themselves in the Digital Era

Leibold, Marius - Digital Rebirth: How Smart Companies Recreate Themselves in the Digital Era, ebook


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Digital Rebirth transcends digital transformation. It involves a revolutionary reinventing of the purpose, nature and processes of a company, with accompanying digital business and technological platforms.
This book presents a clear framework for practical digital rebirth of companies, contrasting it to prevalent "digital transformation" approaches. Aimed at large and medium-sized companies, as well as their subcontractors and service providers, but also at budding entrepreneurs, it should be read and used by company boards, executives, managers, startup leaders and business consultants..
- In every section of the book you will find proven concepts of Digital Rebirth, digital reinvention, collaborative digital practices, combinatorial technologies, digital platforms, digital ecosystems and pointers how to move from obsolete mindsets and left-over baggage to reinvented digitalization minds and processes.
- It shows clearly how some major companies have digitally rebirthed themselves - or are in the process of it - to be or to become a leading player in the digital economy.
- Company (and industry) illustrations are accompanied by descriptions of Digital Rebirth approaches, methodologies and practical tools.
- The book's content is ideal for use in company workshops and executive sessions, as well as business leadership mindset sessions, and has been validated in such activities by the authors, including boards of highly renowned companies on all continents.
- At the end of the book, the unique approach of Digital Rebirth is condensed into a framework of five digital drivers, to assist in the right activities for purposeful and successful company rebirth.
The concept of Digital Rebirth shows clearly that, in the light of recent developments like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0 and Cloud-based Services, well-established traditional industry and competitive models are not any longer satisfactory to understanding and dealing with digital realities.

Keywords: concepts; traditional; transformation; industrial; companies; many; eventual death; rebirth; company; new; society; business; book; future; knowhow; manufacturing; strategy; challenges; leading; sized companies; sciences, Management, Portable MBA / Fast Forward MBA, Management, Portable MBA/Fast Forward MBA

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