Diamantopoulos, Adamantios

Quantitative Marketing and Marketing Management

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Table of contents

1. Implementing the Pareto/NBD Model: A User-Friendly Approach
Albert C. Bemmaor, Nicolas Glady, Daniel Hoppe

2. The Consistency Adjustment Problem of AHP Pairwise Comparison Matrices
Dominic Gastes, Wolfgang Gaul

3. Choice Modeling and SEM
Lutz Hildebrandt, Dirk Temme, Marcel Paulssen

4. Using Multi-Informant Designs to Address Key Informant and Common Method Bias
Christian Homburg, Martin Klarmann, Dirk Totzek

5. Using Artificial Neural Nets for Flexible Aggregate Market Response Modeling
Harald Hruschka

6. Supporting Strategic Product Portfolio Planning by Market Simulation
Karsten Kieckhäfer, Thomas Volling, Thomas Stefan Spengler

7. Knowledge Generation in Marketing
Peter S. H. Leeflang, Alessandro M. Peluso

8. Implications of Linear Versus Dummy Coding for Pooling of Information in Hierarchical Models
Thomas Otter, Tetyana Kosyakova

9. Visual Decision Making Styles and Geographical Information Systems
Ana-Marija Ozimec, Martin Natter, Thomas Reutterer

10. Analyzing Sequences in Marketing Research
Günter Silberer

11. DISE: Dynamic Intelligent Survey Engine
Christian Schlereth, Bernd Skiera

12. The Effect of Attitude Toward Money on Financial Trouble and Compulsive Buying
András Bauer, Ariel Mitev

13. Repetitive Purchase Behavior
Hans Baumgartner

14. Investigating Cross-Category Brand Loyal Purchase Behavior in FMCG
Yasemin Boztuğ, Lutz Hildebrandt, Nadja Silberhorn

15. Validation of Brand Relationship Types Using Advanced Clustering Methods
Wolfgang Fritz, Michael Kempe, Bettina Lorenz

16. Positioning Bases’ Influence on Product Similarity Perceptions
Christoph Fuchs, Adamantios Diamantopoulos

17. The Influence of Location-Aware Mobile Marketing Messages on Consumers’ Buying Behavior
Andrea Gröppel-Klein, Philipp Broeckelmann

18. Combining Micro and Macro Data to Study Retailer Pricing in the Presence of State Dependence
Daniel Klapper, German Zenetti

19. Service Satisfaction With Premium Durables: A Cross-Cultural Investigation
Michael Löffler, Reinhold Decker

20. Brand Loyalty vs. Loyalty to Product Attributes
Cam Rungie, Gilles Laurent

21. Market Shaping Orientation and Firm Performance
Markus Blut, Hartmut H. Holzmüller, Markus Stolper

22. Sponsorship of Televised Sport Events
Reinhard Grohs, Heribert Reisinger

23. The Countenance of Marketing: A View From the 21stCentury Ivory Tower
Rajan Nataraajan

24. Profiting From Uncertainty
Kalyan Raman, Hubert Gatignon

25. An Empirical Analysis of Brand Image Transfer in Multiple Sports Sponsorships
Henrik Sattler, Oliver Schnittka, Franziska Völckner

26. Effects of Money-Back and Low-Price Guarantees on Consumer Behavior
Thomas Suwelack, Manfred Krafft

27. The Perceived Value of Brand Heritage and Brand Luxury
Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Nadine Hennigs, Steffen Schmidt, Thomas Wüstefeld

28. Studying Business Administration in Vienna
Claus Ebster, Heribert Reisinger

29. The Marketing Scientist
Adamantios Diamantopoulos, Wolfgang Fritz, Lutz Hildebrandt

30. List of Publications
Adamantios Diamantopoulos, Wolfgang Fritz, Lutz Hildebrandt

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Marketing, Market Research

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35 pages

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