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Mitral Valve Repair

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Table of contents

I. Imaging of the mitral valve

1. Perioperative echocardio graphic imaging of mitral valve incompetence
H. Siniawski, M. Hübler, A. Amiri, C.A. Yankah, R. Hetzer

2. Perioperative echocardiographic imaging after mitral valve repair for ischemic, inflammatory, and degenerative incompetence
H. Siniawski, M. Hübler, A. Amiri, C.A. Yankah, R. Hetzer

II. Congenital mitral and tricuspid disease

3. Mitral valve repair in children
E.M. Delmo Walter, R. Hetzer

4. Mitral valve repair using biodegradable annuloplasty rings
A. Kalangos

5. Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy and the mitral valve
B. Nasseri, C. Stamm, E.M. Delmo Walter, R. Hetzer

6. Modified tricuspid repair in patients with Ebstein’s anomaly
N. Nagdyman

III. Degenerative mitral valve disease

7. Introduction to the keynote lecture by Robert W.M. Frater, M.B., CH.B.
J.S. Rankin

8. Chordae: 1959–2009
R.W.M. Frater

9. Is chordal insertion the procedure of choice in mitral valve repair?
J. Seeburger, F.W. Mohr

10. Artificial chordal replacement for complex mitral valve repair
J.S. Rankin, D.D. Alfery, R. Orozco, R.S. Binford, C.A. Burrichter, L.A. Brunsting

11. Twenty-year results of artificial chordae replacement in mitral valve repair
L. Salvador, E. Cavarretta, C. Valfrè

12. Current concepts in Barlow’s valve reconstruction
J.G. Castillo, A.C. Anyanwu, D.H. Adams

IV. Ischemic mitral regurgitation

13. Robotic mitral valve surgery
E. Rodriguez, W.R. Chitwood

14. Ischemic mitral regurgitation: the role of the »edge-to-edge« repair
M. Bonis, O. Alfieri

15. Mitral valve repair for ischemic mitral incompetence
R. Hetzer, E.M. Delmo Walter

16. Effects of valve repair on long-term patient outcomes after mitral valve surgery
M.A. Daneshmand, J.G. Gaca, J.S. Rankin, C.A. Milano, D.D. Glower, W.G. Wolfe, P.K. Smith

V. Inflammatory mitral valve disease

17. Repair of rheumatic mitral valve incompetence: surgical challenges and clinical results
C.A. Yankah, H. Siniawski, R. Hetzer

18. Mitral valve repair in rheumatic disease
J.S. Rankin, M.A. Daneshmand, J.G. Gaca

19. Autologous pericardial patch leaflet augmentation in the setting of mitral valve repair
J. Chikwe, A.B. Goldstone, A. Akujuo, J. Castillo, D.H. Adams

20. Mitral valve repair for active infective endocarditis
M. Musci, M. Hübler, A. Amiri, M. Pasic, Y. Weng, R. Hetzer

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Cardiac Surgery, Cardiology

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