Dittel, Karl-Klaus

The Double Dynamic Martin Screw (DMS)

Dittel, Karl-Klaus - The Double Dynamic Martin Screw (DMS), ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
K. -K. Dittel

2. A century of experiments and experiences
K. -K. Dittel

3. The analysis of hip compression screws made of implant steel under static and limit load requirements
R. Zirn

4. Implants and instruments
M. Rapp, K. -K. Dittel

5. Abnormal radiographic anatomy of the proximal femur
B Marquardt

6. Statistical items
M. Rapp

7. Operative procedure
M. Rapp, K. -K. Dittel

8. The prognosis of the femur neck fracture after headpreserving osteosynthesis
A. Ateschrang

9. Intermediate DMS (2/3 implant)
M. Rapp, K. -K. Dittel

10. Stabilization of intertrochanteric fractures with the Dynamic Martin Screw (DMS)
M. Rapp

11. The 31A 3-3 fracture: an unstable problem
M. Rapp

12. Subtrochanteric femur and proximal femur shaft fractures
M. Rapp

13. Application of the Dynamic Martin Screw (DMS) in the intertrochanteric osteotomy
W. Miller, K.- K. Dittel

14. Distal femur fractures
M. -R. Felenda

15. Pathologic fractures and osteolyses at the femur
S. Uppenbrink, K. -K. Dittel

16. The use of an innovative femur neck prosthesis in case of complications after hip fracture surgery
K. -K. Dittel

17. Exceptional indications
K. -K. Dittel, M. Rapp

18. Systemic antibiotics in the prophylaxis and therapy of postoperative infections in patients with osteosynthesis of the femur
S. Decker-Burgard

19. Prevention of venous thromboembolism in hip surgery
D. Janssen

20. Physiotherapy after surgery for proximal femur fractures
R. Plank

21. Operative revisional management
M. Rapp, K. -K. Dittel

22. Evidence-based drug treatment of osteoporosis
K. K. Förster, K. M. Peters

23. Closing remarks
K. -K. Dittel

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Surgical Orthopedics, Orthopedics

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