Bioceramics and Alternative Bearings in Joint Arthroplasty

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Table of contents

1. Bearing Surfaces — 2005
J. Black

Session 1.New Developments in the Basic Science of Ceramics and other Alternative Bearings

2. Severe Simulation Test for run-in wear of all-alumina compared to alumina composite THR
I.C. Clarke, G. Pezzotti, D.D. Green, H. Shirasu, T. Donaldson

3. Comparison of the Functional Biological Activity and Osteolytic Potential of Ceramic on Ceramic and Cross Linked Polyethylene Bearings in the Hip
J. Fisher, A. Galvin, J. Tipper, T. Stewart, M. Stone, E. Ingham

4. Allergic reactions to metal implants: influence of wear debris
P. Thomas, B. Summer

5. Can Metal-Metal Total Hip Arthroplasty induce Hypersensitivity reactions?
C.H. Lohmann

6. Blood Analysis for Trace Metals in Patients with Different Bearings in Total Hip Arthroplasty
K. Knahr, L. Karamat, O. Pinggera

Session 2.Alternative Wear Couples

7. Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Arthroplasty: The Concerns
S.J. MacDonald

8. Clinical Performance of a Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene at Four to Five Years in Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Randomized Prospective Trial
J.M. Martell, J.J. Verner, S.J. Incavo

9. Co-Cr Head Roughness and its Effect on Wear of UHMWPE and XLPE Cups
T. Donaldson, A. Massihi, J. G. Bowsher, I. C. Clarke

10. Polyethylene wear in Total Hip Arthroplasty -matched pair analysis of ceramic and metal heads
C. S. Ranawat, V. J. Rasquinha, J. A. Rodriguez

11. Two Ceramic Bearing Surfaces with a Self Adjusting cup: A New Application of Delta Ceramics to reduce the Risk of Dislocation and Subluxation
J.-Y. Lazennec, L. M. Jennings, J. Fisher, B. Masson

12. 20 Year Experience of Zirconia Total Hip Replacements
I. C. Clarke, D. D. Green, G. Pezzoti, D. Donaldson

13. Controlled Zirconia Phase Transformation in BIOLOX® delta — a Feature of Safety
M. Kuntz, N. Shneider, R. Heros

Session 3.Clinical Results of Ceramic on Ceramic Systems

14. Alternative Bearing Surfaces: Alumina Ceramic Bearings for Total Hip Arthroplasty
W. N. Capello, J. A. D’Anthonio, J. R. Feinberg, M. T. Manley

15. Ceramic-on-Ceramic Total Hip Arthroplasty: The USA Experience
J. P. Garino

16. Ceramic-on-Ceramic versus Ceramic-on-Polyethylene Bearings in Total Hip Arthroplasty: Results of a Multicenter Prospective Randomized Study and Update of Modern Ceramic Total Hip Trials in the USA
B. S. Bal, T. J. Aleto, J. P. Garino, A. Toni, K. J. Hendricks

17. European Experience with Ceramic Systems
A. Toni, F. Traina

18. Australian Experience with Ceramic Systems
W. K. Walter

Session 4.The Ceramic Option: Indications, Contraindications, Revision and Surgical Challenges

19. Evolution of Total Hip Arthroplasty: Computer-Assisted, Minimally Invasive Techniques Combined with Alumina Ceramic-Ceramic Bearings
S. B. Murphy, M. Tannast

20. Acetabular Positioning to Maximize Range of Motion
J. A. D’Antonio

21. Acetabular Positioning without Navigation — Anterior Approach
W. J. Hozack

22. “Stem first”: A Simplified Method for Optimized Positioning of Components in Total Hip Arthroplasty
K.-H. Widmer

23. Revision Surgery utilizing Ceramic Bearings
J. P. Garino

24. Surface Changes to Alumina Femoral Heads after Metal Staining during Implantation, and after Recurrent Dislocations of the Prosthetic Hip
B. S. Bal, M. N. Rahaman, T. Aleto, F. S. Miller, F. Traina, A. Toni

Session 5.Reliability of Alumina Ceramics: Myths and Reality

25. Ceramic Component Fracture: Trends and Recommendations with Modern Components based on improved Reporting Methods
J. P. Garino

26. Ceramic Manufacturing Overview
M. Dietrich

27. State of the Art in Ceramic Manufacturing
R. Lenk

Session 6.New Applications for Ceramics

28. Primary Total Knee Replacement with a Zirconia Ceramic Femoral Component
B. S. Bal, D. D. Greenberg, T. J. Aleto

29. Alternative Bearing Surfaces
M. Manley, K. Sutton

30. Wear of a Novel Ceramic on Metal Bearings for Hip Prosthesis
J. Fisher, P. Firkins, J. L. Tipper, R. Farrar, E. Ingham

31. Future Ceramic Strategies
M. Kuntz

32. The Relationship between Acetabular Osteolytic Lesion Volume and Polyethylene Wear in Cementless Total Hip Arthroplasty
N. Kitamura, R. H. Hopper, S. B. Leung, C. A. Engh, Ch. A. Engh


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