Matias, Álvaro

Quantitative Methods in Tourism Economics

Matias, Álvaro - Quantitative Methods in Tourism Economics, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Editorial Introduction
Álvaro Matias, Peter Nijkamp, Manuela Sarmento

2. Loyalty Measurement in Tourism: A Theoretical Reflection
Ana María Campón, Helena Alves, José Manuel Hernández

3. Tourists Return Intentions: A Mixed Logit Approach
Antónia Correia, Pedro Pimpão

4. Evaluation of the Interrailers’ Satisfaction Regarding the Tourism Services and Activities in Italy, Greece and Croatia
Carolina Fernandes, Manuela Sarmento, Alvaro Matias

5. Forecasting Tourism Demand for South Africa Using a Single Equation Causal Approach
Riëtte Louw, Andrea Saayman

6. The Importance of ICT for Tourism Demand: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis
Célia M. Q. Ramos, Paulo M. M. Rodrigues

7. Migration and Tourism Flows to New Zealand
Murat Genç

8. How to Create a New Holiday Destination? An Evaluation of Local Public Investment for Supporting Tourism Industry
Martin T. W. Rosenfeld, Albrecht Kauffmann

9. The Economic Impact of Health Tourism Programmes
Celeste Eusébio, Maria João Carneiro, Elisabeth Kastenholz, Helena Alvelos

10. Cultural Festivals and Regional Economic Development: Perceptions of Key Interest Groups
Stella Kostopoulou, Nikolaos Vagionis, Dimitris Kourkouridis

11. Assessing the Spatial and Environmental Characteristics of Rural Tourism Lodging Units Using a Geographical Weighted Regression Model
Rafael Suárez-Vega, Eduardo Acosta-González, Laura Casimiro-Reina, Juan M. Hernández

12. Yield Revenue Management in the Hotel Sector: An Empirical Analysis of Its Application and Results in Madrid, Spain
Pilar Talón-Ballestero, Lydia González-Serrano

13. Tourism Growth Versus Economic Development: An Analysis by Multivariate Techniques
Marcelino Sánchez-Rivero, Juan Ignacio Pulido-Fernández, Pablo Juan Cárdenas-García

14. Gender, Wages, and Productivity: An Analysis of the Tourism Industry in Northern Portugal
Raquel Mendes, Laurentina Cruz Vareiro

15. Territorial Differentiation, Competitiveness and Sustainability of Tourism
João Romão, João Guerreiro, Paulo M. M. Rodrigues

16. Did the Financial Crisis and Policy Deregulation for Chinese Tourists Affect the Efficiency and Output Slacks of Taiwanese Hotels?
Chin Yi Fang

17. Institutional Analysis of Environmental Management Practices: Application to Golf Courses
Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez, Francisco José Riquel-Ligero

18. Market Segmentation in Tourism: An Operational Assessment Framework
Vicky Katsoni, Maria Giaoutzi, Peter Nijkamp

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Regional/Spatial Science, Economic Geography, Human Geography, Environmental Economics

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