Heinzl, Armin

Theory-Guided Modeling and Empiricism in Information Systems Research

Heinzl, Armin - Theory-Guided Modeling and Empiricism in Information Systems Research, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Publication Network Analysis of an Academic Family in Information Systems
Jörn Grahl, Bastian Sand, Michael Schneider, Michael Schwind

2. Compatibility of Software Platforms
Thomas Widjaja, Peter Buxmann

3. Impact of Grid Assimilation on Operational Agility in Turbulent Environments: An Empirical Investigation in the Financial Services Industry
Jens Vykoukal, Immanuel Pahlke, Roman Beck

4. Contractual and Relational Governance as Substitutes and Complements – Explaining the Development of Different Relationships
Thomas A. Fischer, Thomas L. Huber, Jens Dibbern

5. Technology Adoption by Elderly People – An Empirical Analysis of Adopters and Non-Adopters of Social Networking Sites
Christian Maier, Sven Laumer, Andreas Eckhardt

6. Design Science Research and the Grounded Theory Method: Characteristics, Differences, and Complementary Uses
Robert Wayne Gregory

7. Goal Commitment and Competition as Drivers for Group Productivity in Business Process Modeling
Peter Rittgen

8. Inferring Decision Strategies from Clickstreams in Decision Support Systems: A New Process-Tracing Approach using State Machines
Jella Pfeiffer, Malte Probst, Wolfgang Steitz, Franz Rothlauf

9. A Research Model for Measuring IT Efficiency in German Hospitals
Heiko Gewald, Heinz-Theo Wagner

10. Managing the Impact of Differences in National Culture on Social Capital in Multinational IT Project Teams – A German Perspective
Alexander Stetten, Daniel Beimborn, Tim Weitzel, Zita Reiss

11. Towards an IT-based Planning Process Alignment: Integrated Route and Location Planning for Small Package Shippers
Andreas Stenger, Michael Schneider, Oliver Wendt

12. Where is the “I” in “IS Research”? The Quest for a Coherent Research Stream in the Context of Human Information Behavior
Erik Hemmer, Armin Heinzl

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Business Information Systems, Information Systems and Communication Service, Models and Principles

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