D'Atri, Alessandro

Information Technology and Innovation Trends in Organizations

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Table of contents

1. Inter-organizational e-Services from a SME Perspective: A Case Study on e-Invoicing
R. Naggi, P. L. Agostini

2. E-Services Governance in Public and Private Sectors: A Destination Management Organization Perspective
F. M. Go, M. Trunfio

3. Intelligent Transport Systems: How to Manage a Research in a New Field for IS
T. Federici, V. Albano, A. M. Braccini, E. D’Atri, A. Sansonetti

4. Operational Innovation: From Principles to Methodology
M. Della Bordella, A. Ravarini, F. Y. Wu, R. Liu

5. Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making: The Case of PPGIS
Paola Floreddu, Francesca Cabiddu, Daniela Pettinao

6. Single Sign-On in Cloud Computing Scenarios: A Research Proposal
S. Za, E. D’Atri, A. Resca

7. The Italian Electronic Public Administration Market Place: Small Firm Participation and Satisfaction
R. Adinolfi, P. Adinolfi, M. Marra

8. The Role of ICT Demand and Supply Governance: A Large Event Organization Perspective
F. M. Go, R. J. Israels

9. Driving IS Value Creation by Knowledge Capturing: Theoretical Aspects and Empirical Evidences
R. P. Dameri, C. R. Sabroux, Ines Saad

10. The Impact of Using an ERP System on Organizational Processes and Individual Employees
A. Spano, B. Bellò

11. Assessing the Business Value of RFId Systems: Evidences from the Analysis of Successful Projects
G. Ferrando, F. Pigni, C. Quetti, S. Astuti

12. A Non Parametric Approach to the Outlier Detection in Spatio–Temporal Data Analysis
Alessia Albanese, Alfredo Petrosino

13. Thinking Structurally Helps Business Intelligence Design
Claudia Diamantini, Domenico Potena

14. A Semantic Framework for Collaborative Enterprise Knowledge Mashup
D. Bianchini, V. Antonellis, M. Melchiori

15. Similarity-Based Classification of Microdata
S. Castano, A. Ferrara, S. Montanelli, G. Varese

16. The Value of Business Metadata: Structuring the Benefits in a Business Intelligence Context
D. Stock, R. Winter

17. Online Advertising Using Linguistic Knowledge
E. D’Avanzo, T. Kuflik, A. Elia

18. Green Information Systems for Sustainable IT
C. Cappiello, M. Fugini, B. Pernici, P. Plebani

19. The Evaluation of IS Investment Returns: The RFI Case
Alessio Maria Braccini, Angela Perego, Marco Marco

20. Legal Issues in eGovernment Services Planning
G. Viscusi, C. Batini

21. From Strategic to Conceptual Information Modelling: A Method and a Case Study
G. Motta, G. Pignatelli

22. Use Case Double Tracing Linking Business Modeling to Software Development
G. Paolone, P. Felice, G. Liguori, G. Cestra, E. Clementini

23. A Customizable Glanceable Peripheral Display for Monitoring and Accessing Information from Multiple Channels
D. Angelucci, A. Cardinali, L. Tarantino

24. A Dialogue Interface for Investigating Human Activities in Surveillance Videos
V. Deufemia, M. Giordano, G. Polese, G. Tortora

25. The Effect of a Dynamic User Model on a Customizable Mobile GIS Application
L. Paolino, M. Romano, M. Sebillo, G. Tortora, G. Vitiello

26. Simulating Embryo-Transfer Through a Haptic Device
A. F. Abate, M. Nappi, S. Ricciardi

27. Interactive Task Management System Development Based on Semantic Orchestration of Web Services
B. R. Barricelli, P. Mussio, M. Padula, A. Piccinno, P. L. Scala, S. Valtolina

28. An Integrated Environment to Design and Evaluate Web Interfaces
R. Cassino, M. Tucci

29. A Crawljax Based Approach to Exploit Traditional Accessibility Evaluation Tools for AJAX Applications
F. Ferrucci, F. Sarro, D. Ronca, S. Abrahao

30. A Mobile Augmented Reality System Supporting Co-Located Content Sharing and Displaying
A. Lucia, R. Francese, I. Passero

31. Enhancing the Motivational Affordance of Human–Computer Interfaces in a Cross-Cultural Setting
C. Schneider, J. Valacich

32. Metric Pictures: Source Code Images for Visualization, Analysis and Elaboration
S. Murad, I. Passero, R. Francese

33. Strategy and Experience in Technology Transfer of the ICT-SUD Competence Center
C. Luciano Mallamaci, Domenico Saccà

34. A Case of Successful Technology Transfer in Southern Italy, in the ICT: The Pole of Excellence in Learning and Knowledge
M. Gaeta, R. Piscopo

35. Logic-Based Technologies for e-Tourism: The iTravel System
Marco Manna, Francesco Ricca, Lucia Saccà

36. Managing Creativity and Innovation in Web 2.0: Lead Users as the Active Element of Idea Generation
R. Consoli

37. Open-Book Accounting and Accounting Information Systems in Cooperative Relationships
A. Scaletti, S. Pisano

38. The AIS Compliance with Law: An Interpretative Framework for Italian Listed Companies
K. Corsi, D. Mancini

39. The Mandatory Change of AIS: A Theoretical Framework of the Behaviour of Italian Research Institutions
D. Mancini, C. Ferruzzi, M. Angelis

40. Enabling Factors for SaaS Business Intelligence Adoption: A Theoretical Framework Proposal
Antonella Ferrari, Cecilia Rossignoli, Alessandro Zardini

41. Relationships Between ERP and Business Intelligence: An Empirical Research on Two Different Upgrade Approaches
C. Caserio

42. Patent-Based R&D Strategies: The Case of STMicroelectronics’ Lab-on-Chip
Alberto Minin, Daniela Baglieri, Fabrizio Cesaroni, Andrea Piccaluga

43. Trust and Conflict in Virtual Teams: An Exploratory Study
L. Varriale, P. Briganti

44. Virtual Environment and Collaborative Work: The Role of Relationship Quality in Facilitating Individual Creativity
Rocco Agrifoglio, Concetta Metallo

45. Crowdsourcing and SMEs: Opportunities and Challenges
R. Maiolini, R. Naggi

46. Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing: The Case of Mulino Bianco
Manuel Castriotta, Maria Chiara Guardo

47. Relational Networks for the Open Innovation in the Italian Public Administration
A. Capriglione, N. Casalino, M. Draoli

48. Learning and Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Communities of Practice: A Case Study
Federico Alvino, Rocco Agrifoglio, Concetta Metallo, Luigi Lepore

49. Internet and Innovative Knowledge Evaluation Processes: New Directions for Scientific Creativity?
Pier Franco Camussone, Roberta Cuel, Diego Ponte

50. Creativity at Work and Weblogs: Opportunities and Obstacles
M. Cortini, G. Scaratti

51. A Business Aware Information Security Risk Analysis Method
M. Sadok, P. Spagnoletti

52. Mobile Information Warfare: A Countermeasure to Privacy Leaks Based on SecureMyDroid
A. Grillo, A. Lentini, G. Me

53. A Prototype for Risk Prevention and Management in Working Environments
M. G. Fugini, C. Raibulet, F. Ramoni

54. The Role of Extraordinary Creativity in Organizational Response to Digital Security Threats
Maurizio Cavallari

55. The Use of Information Technology for Supply Chain Management by Chinese Companies
Liam Doyle, Jiahong Wang

56. Care and Enterprise Systems: An Archeology of Case Management
F. Cabitza, G. Viscusi

57. Recognising the Challenge: How to Realise the Potential Benefits of ICT Use in SMEs?
P. M. Bednar, C. Welch

58. Understanding the ICT Adoption Process in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
R. Naggi

59. Second Life and Enterprise Simulation in SMEs’ Start Up of Fashion Sector: The Cases ETNI, KK Personal Robe and NFP
L. Tampieri

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Business Information Systems, Innovation/Technology Management, Management of Computing and Information Systems, e-Commerce/e-business, Organization/Planning

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