Tuunanen, Mika

New Developments in the Theory of Networks

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Table of contents

1. New Developments in the Theory of Networks: Introduction
Josef Windsperger, Mika Tuunanen

2. Determinants of Contractual Completeness in Franchising
George Hendrikse, Josef Windsperger

3. Delegation and Autonomy in Franchising
Begoña López-Fernández, Susana López-Bayón

4. Allocation of Decision Rights in International Franchise Firms: The Case of Master and Direct Franchising
Nada Mumdžiev

5. Incentives and Control in Company-Owned Versus Franchised Outlets: An Empirical Study at the Chain Level
Didier Chabaud, Arnaud Lavit d’ Hautefort, Stéphane Saussier

6. Plural Form and Franchisor Performance: Early Empirical Findings from Europe
Frédéric Perdreau, Anne-Laure Le Nadant, Gérard Cliquet

7. Inner Strength Against Competitive Forces: Successful Site Selection for Franchise Network Expansion
Thomas Ehrmann, Brinja Meiseberg

8. Market Saturation or Market Concentration: Evidence on Competition Among U.S. Limited Service Franchise Brands
Robert E. Stassen, Marko Grünhagen

9. A Model of Optimal International Market Expansion: The Case of US Hotel Chains Expansion into China
E. Hachemi Aliouche, Udo Schlentrich

10. Is the Theory of Entrepreneurship Applicable to Franchising?
Jenni Torikka

11. Regulating the Franchise Relationship: Franchisor Opportunism, Commercial Morality and Good Faith
Andrew Terry, Cary Di Lernia

12. Effect of New Regulation on Franchising Performance: An Exploratory Study in Spain
Victoria Bordonaba-Juste, Laura Lucia-Palacios, Yolanda Polo-Redondo

13. The Efficacy of Relational Governance and Value-Creating Relational Investments in Revenue Enhancement in Supplier–Buyer Relationships
Muhammad Zafar Yaqub, Rudolf Vetschera

14. Networked Resource Access and Networked Growth: A Double Network Hypothesis on the Innovative Entrepreneurial Firm
Anna Grandori, Eugenia Cacciatori

15. A Network Approach to the Structure and Organization of Joint R&D Projects
Nieves Arranz, J. Carlos Fdez. Arroyabe

16. Strong Ties, Weak Ties and the Management of Innovation: The Case of Danish and German SMEs
Susanne Gretzinger, Holger Hinz, Wenzel Matiaske

17. Organization of Knowledge Transfer in Clusters: A Knowledge-Based View
Marijana Srećković, Josef Windsperger

18. Influence of Network Maturity on Organisational Learning and Knowledge Transfer in Strategic Alliances
Ana Aleksić Mirić

Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft in Cooperatives
Jerker Nilsson, George Hendrikse

20. The Role of Social Capital in the Development of Community-Based Co-operatives
Richard Lang, Dietmar Roessl

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Organization/Planning, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Industrial Organization, Social Sciences, general

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Contributions to Management Science
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11 pages

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