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Proceedings of COMPSTAT'2010

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Table of contents

1. Complexity Questions in Non-Uniform Random Variate Generation
Luc Devroye

2. Computational Statistics Solutions for Molecular Biomedical Research: A Challenge and Chance for Both
Lutz Edler, Christina Wunder, Wiebke Werft, Axel Benner

3. The Laws of Coincidence
David J. Hand

4. Choosing the Summary Statistics and the Acceptance Rate in Approximate Bayesian Computation
Michael G.B. Blum

5. Integrating Approximate Bayesian Computation with Complex Agent-Based Models for Cancer Research
Andrea Sottoriva, Simon Tavaré

6. Robust Model Selection with LARS Based on S-estimators
Claudio Agostinelli, Matias Salibian-Barrera

7. Robust Methods for Compositional Data
Peter Filzmoser, Karel Hron

8. Detecting Multivariate Outliers Using Projection Pursuit with Particle Swarm Optimization
Anne Ruiz-Gazen, Souad Larabi Marie-Sainte, Alain Berro

9. Imaging Genetics: Bio-Informatics and Bio-Statistics Challenges
Jean-Baptiste Poline, Christophe Lalanne, Arthur Tenenhaus, Edouard Duchesnay, Bertrand Thirion, Vincent Frouin

10. The NPAIRS Computational Statistics Framework for Data Analysis in Neuroimaging
Stephen Strother, Anita Oder, Robyn Spring, Cheryl Grady

11. Bootstrap Prediction in Unobserved Component Models
Alejandro F. Rodríguez, Esther Ruiz

12. A Numerical Approach to Ruin Models with Excess of Loss Reinsurance and Reinstatements *
Hansjörg Albrecher, Sandra Haas

13. Computation of the Aggregate Claim Amount Distribution Using R and Actuar
Vincent Goulet

14. Applications of Multilevel Structured Additive Regression Models to Insurance Data
Stefan Lang, Nikolaus Umlauf

15. Temporally-Adaptive Linear Classification for Handling Population Drift in Credit Scoring
Niall M. Adams, Dimitris K. Tasoulis, Christoforos Anagnostopoulos, David J. Hand

16. Large-Scale Machine Learning with Stochastic Gradient Descent
Léon Bottou

17. Anticipated and Adaptive Prediction in Functional Discriminant Analysis
Cristian Preda, Gilbert Saporta, Mohamed Hadj Mbarek

18. Bootstrap Calibration in Functional Linear Regression Models with Applications
Wenceslao González-Manteiga, Adela Martínez-Calvo

19. Empirical Dynamics and Functional Data Analysis
Hans-Georg Müller

20. Indefinite Kernel Discriminant Analysis
Bernard Haasdonk, Elżbieta Pȩkalska

21. Data Dependent Priors in PAC-Bayes Bounds
John Shawe-Taylor, Emilio Parrado-Hernández, Amiran Ambroladze

22. Some Algorithms to Fit some Reliability Mixture Models under Censoring
Laurent Bordes, Didier Chauveau

23. Computational and Monte-Carlo Aspects of Systems for Monitoring Reliability Data
Emmanuel Yashchin

24. Evolutionary Computation for Modelling and Optimization in Finance
Sandra Paterlini

25. Examining the Association between Deprivation Profiles and Air Pollution in Greater London using Bayesian Dirichlet Process Mixture Models
John Molitor, Léa Fortunato, Nuoo-Ting Molitor, Sylvia Richardson

26. Assessing the Association between Environmental Exposures and Human Health
Linda J. Young, Carol A. Gotway, Kenneth K. Lopiano, Greg Kearney, Chris DuClos

27. Semiparametric Seasonal Cointegrating Rank Selection
Byeongchan Seong, Sung K. Ahn, Sinsup Cho

28. Estimating Factor Models for Multivariate Volatilities: An Innovation Expansion Method
Jiazhu Pan, Wolfgang Polonik, Qiwei Yao

29. Multivariate Stochastic Volatility Model with Cross Leverage
Tsunehiro Ishihara, Yasuhiro Omori

30. Bag of Pursuits and Neural Gas for Improved Sparse Coding
Kai Labusch, Erhardt Barth, Thomas Martinetz

31. On the Role and Impact of the Metaparameters in t-distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding
John A. Lee, Michel Verleysen

32. Multiple Nested Reductions of Single Data Modes as a Tool to Deal with Large Data Sets
Iven Mechelen, Katrijn Deun

33. The Generic Subspace Clustering Model
Marieke E. Timmerman, Eva Ceulemans

34. Clustering Discrete Choice Data
Donatella Vicari, Marco Alfò

35. Application of Local Influence Diagnostics to the Buckley-James Model
Nazrina Aziz, Dong Qian Wang

36. Multiblock Method for Categorical Variables. Application to the Study of Antibiotic Resistance
Stéphanie Bougeard, El Mostafa Qannari, Claire Chauvin

37. A Flexible IRT Model for Health Questionnaire: an Application to HRQoL
Serena Broccoli, Giulia Cavrini

38. Multidimensional Exploratory Analysis of a Structural Model Using a Class of Generalized Covariance Criteria
Xavier Bry, Thomas Verron, Patrick Redont

39. Semiparametric Models with Functional Responses in a Model Assisted Survey Sampling Setting : Model Assisted Estimation of Electricity Consumption Curves
Hervé Cardot, Alain Dessertaine, Etienne Josserand

40. Stochastic Approximation for Multivariate and Functional Median
Hervé Cardot, Peggy Cénac, Mohamed Chaouch

41. A Markov Switching Re-evaluation of Event-Study Methodology
Rosella Castellano, Luisa Scaccia

42. Evaluation of DNA Mixtures Accounting for Sampling Variability
Yuk-Ka Chung, Yue-Qing Hu, De-Gang Zhu, Wing K. Fung

43. Monotone Graphical Multivariate Markov Chains
Roberto Colombi, Sabrina Giordano

44. Using Observed Functional Data to Simulate a Stochastic Process via a Random Multiplicative Cascade Model
G. Damiana Costanzo, S. Bartolo, F. Dell’Accio, G. Trombetta

45. A Clusterwise Center and Range Regression Model for Interval-Valued Data
Francisco de A.T. Carvalho, Gilbert Saporta, Danilo N. Queiroz

46. Contributions to Bayesian Structural Equation Modeling
Séverine Demeyer, Nicolas Fischer, Gilbert Saporta

47. Some Examples of Statistical Computing in France During the 19th Century
Antoine Falguerolles

48. Imputation by Gaussian Copula Model with an Application to Incomplete Customer Satisfaction Data
Meelis Käärik, Ene Käärik

49. On Multiple-Case Diagnostics in Linear Subspace Method
Kuniyoshi Hayashi, Hiroyuki Minami, Masahiro Mizuta

50. Fourier Methods for Sequential Change Point Analysis in Autoregressive Models
Marie Hušková, Claudia Kirch, Simos G. Meintanis

51. Computational Treatment of the Error Distribution in Nonparametric Regression with Right-Censored and Selection-Biased Data
Géraldine Laurent, Cédric Heuchenne

52. Mixtures of Weighted Distance-Based Models for Ranking Data
Paul H. Lee, Philip L. H. Yu

53. Fourier Analysis and Swarm Intelligence for Stochastic Optimization of Discrete Functions
Jin Rou New, Eldin Wee Chuan Lim

54. Global Hypothesis Test to Simultaneously Compare the Predictive Values of Two Binary Diagnostic Tests in Paired Designs: a Simulation Study
J. A. Roldán Nofuentes, J. D. Luna Castillo, M. A. Montero Alonso

55. Modeling Operational Risk: Estimation and Effects of Dependencies
Stefan Mittnik, Sandra Paterlini, Tina Yener

56. Learning Hierarchical Bayesian Networks for Genome-Wide Association Studies
Raphaël Mourad, Christine Sinoquet, Philippe Leray

57. Exact Posterior Distributions over the Segmentation Space and Model Selection for Multiple Change-Point Detection Problems
G. Rigaill, E. Lebarbier, S. Robin

58. Parcellation Schemes and Statistical Tests to Detect Active Regions on the Cortical Surface
Bertrand Thirion, Alan Tucholka, Jean-Baptiste Poline

59. Robust Principal Component Analysis Based on Pairwise Correlation Estimators
Stefan Aelst, Ellen Vandervieren, Gert Willems

60. Ordinary Least Squares for Histogram Data Based on Wasserstein Distance
Rosanna Verde, Antonio Irpino

61. DetMCD in a Calibration Framework
Tim Verdonck, Mia Hubert, Peter J. Rousseeuw

62. Separable Two-Dimensional Linear Discriminant Analysis
Jianhua Zhao, Philip L.H. Yu, Shulan Li

63. List of Supplementary Contributed and Invited Papers Only Available on springerlink.com
Yves Lechevallier, Gilbert Saporta

Keywords: Statistics, Statistics and Computing/Statistics Programs

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