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Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control 9

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Table of contents

1. Control Charting Normal Variance – Reflections, Curiosities, and Recommendations
Sven Knoth

2. Adaptive Charting Techniques: Literature Review and Extensions
Fujee Tsung, Kaibo Wang

3. Multivariate Monitoring of the Process Mean and Variability Using Combinations of Shewhart and MEWMA Control Charts
Marion R. Reynolds, Zachary G. Stoumbos

4. Quality Control of Manufactured Surfaces
Bianca Maria Colosimo, Federica Mammarella, Stefano Petrò

5. Statistical Process Control for Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes
Masanobu Higashide, Ken Nishina, Hironobu Kawamura, Naru Ishii

6. The Max-CUSUM Chart
Smiley W. Cheng, Keoagile Thaga

7. Sequential Signals on a Control Chart Based on Nonparametric Statistical Tests
Olgierd Hryniewicz, Anna Szediw

8. On the Application of SPC in Finance
Vasyl Golosnoy, Iryna Okhrin, Sergiy Ragulin, Wolfgang Schmid

9. Principles for Multivariate Surveillance
Marianne Frisén

10. Research Issues and Ideas on Health-Related Surveillance
William H. Woodall, Olivia A. Grigg, Howard S. Burkom

11. Surveillance Sampling Schemes
David H Baillie

12. Selective Assembly for Maximizing Profit in the Presence and Absence of Measurement Error
Shun Matsuura, Nobuo Shinozaki

13. A New Approach to Bayesian Sampling Plans
Peter-Th Wilrich

14. Stochastic Modelling as a Tool for Quality Assessment and Quality Improvement Illustrated by Means of Nuclear Fuel Assemblies
Elart Collani, Karl Baur

15. Hierarchical Modeling for Monitoring Defects
Christina M. Mastrangelo, Naveen Kumar, David Forrest

16. Conformance Analysis of Population Means under Restricted Stratified Sampling
Rainer Göb, Arne Müller

17. Data Quality Control Based on Metric Data Models
Veit Köppen, Hans-J. Lenz

18. The Sensitivity of Common Capability Indices to Departures from Normality
Fred Spiring

19. A Note on the Estimation of Restricted Scale Parameters of Gamma Distributions
Yuan-Tsung Chang

20. Attractive Quality and Must-be Quality from the Viewpoint of Environmental Lifestyle in Japan
Tsuyoshi Kametani, Ken Nishina, Kuniaki Suzuki

21. On Identifying Dispersion Effects in Unreplicated Fractional Factorial Experiments
Seiichi Yasui, Yoshikazu Ojima, Tomomichi Suzuki

22. Evaluating Adaptive Paired Comparison Experiments
Tomomichi Suzuki, Seiichi Yasui, Yoshikazu Ojima

23. Approximated Interval Estimation in the Staggered Nested Designs for Precision Experiments
Motohiro Yamasaki, Michiaki Okuda, Yoshikazu Ojima, Seiichi Yasui, Tomomichi Suzuki

Keywords: Statistics, Statistical Theory and Methods, Statistics for Business/Economics/Mathematical Finance/Insurance, Industrial and Production Engineering, Operations Research/Decision Theory

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Natural Sciences

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