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Telecommunication Markets

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Table of contents

2. General Access Payment Mechanisms
Izak Atiyas, Toker Doganoglu, Martin Reichhuber

3. Competition and Cooperation in Internet Backbone Services
Margit A. Vanberg

4. A Behavioral Economic Interpretation of the Preference for Flat Rates: The Case of Post-paid Mobile Phone Services
Hitoshi Mitomo, Tokio Otsuka, Kiminori Nakaba

5. Regulation of International Roaming Charges – The Way to Cost-Based Prices?
Morten Falch, Anders Henten, Reza Tadayoni

6. Substitution Between DSL, Cable, and Mobile Broadband Internet Services
Mélisande Cardona, Anton Schwarz, B. Burcin Yurtoglu, Christine Zulehner

7. Search Engines for Audio-Visual Content: Copyright Law and Its Policy Relevance
Boris Rotenberg, Ramón Compañó

8. Search Engines, the New Bottleneck for Content Access
Nico Eijk

9. E-Commerce Use in Spa
Leonel Cerno, Teodosio Pérez Amaral

10. The Diffusion of Broadband-Based Applications Among Italian Small and Medium Enterprises
Massimo G. Colombo, Luca Grilli

11. Drivers and Inhibitors of Countries’ Broadband Performance – A European Snapshot
Nejc M. Jakopin

12. The Telecom Policy for Broadband Diffusion: A Case Study in Japan
Koshiro Ota

13. Part IV Mobile Drivers Mobile Termination Carrier Selection
Jörn Kruse

14. Countervailing Buyer Power and Mobile Termination
Jeffrey H. Rohlfs

15. National Roaming Pricing in Mobile Networks
Jonathan Sandbach

16. Can Competition Be Introduced Via the Issue of New Mobile Telephony Licences: The Experience of 3G Licensing in Europe
Peter Curwen, Jason Whalley

17. Does Regulation Impact the Entry in a Mature Regulated Industry? An Econometric Analysis of MVNOs
Delphine Riccardi, Stéphane Ciriani, Bertrand Quélin

18. Exploring Technology Design Issues for Mobile Web Services
Mark de Reuver, Harry Bouwman, Guadalupe Flores Hernández

19. Business Models for Wireless City Networks in the EU and the US: Public Inputs and Public Leverage
Pieter Ballon, Leo Van Audenhove, Martijn Poel, Tomas Staelens

20. Managing Communications Firms in the New Unpredictable Environments: Watch the Movies
Patricia H. Longstaff

21. Shareholder Wealth Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Telecommunications Industry
Olaf Rieck, Canh Thang Doan

22. Next Generation Networks: The Demand Side Issues
James Alleman, Paul Rappoport

23. Technical, Business and Policy Challenges of Mobile Television
Johannes M. Bauer, Imsook Ha, Dan Saugstrup

24. A Cross-Country Assessment of the Digital Divide
Paul Rappoport, James Alleman, Gary Madden

25. Russian Information and Communication Technology in a Global Context
Svetlana Petukhova, Margarita Strepetova

26. The Regulatory Framework for European Telecommunications Markets Between Subsidiarity and Centralization
Justus Haucap

27. Surveying Regulatory Regimes for EC Communications Law
Maartje de Visser

28. Innovation and Regulation in the Digital Age: A Call for New Perspectives
Pierre-Jean Benghozi, Laurent Gille, Alain Vallée

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, R & D/Technology Policy, Communications Engineering, Networks, Media Management, e-Commerce/e-business, Industrial Organization

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Contributions to Economics
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12 pages

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