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Interdisciplinary Aspects of Information Systems Studies

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Table of contents

I.Is Theory and Research Methodologies

1. Introduction
A. D’Atri, M. Marco

2. Interdisciplinarity and Its Research: The Influence of Martin Heidegger from ‘Being and Time’ to ‘The Question Concerning Technology’
P. Depaoli

3. E-Government Performance: An Interdisciplinary Evaluation Key
M. Sorrentino, M. Marco

4. The Tacking Knowledge Strategy Claudio Ciborra, Konrad Lorenz and the Ecology of Information Systems
F. Ricciardi

II.Is Development and Design Methodologies

5. Loitering with Intent: Dealing with Human-Intensive Systems
P. M. Bednar, C. Welch

6. Modeling Business Processes with “Building Blocks”
A. Leva, P. Laguzzi

7. Software Development and Feedback from Usability Evaluations
R. T. Høegh

8. A Methodology for the Planning of Appropriate Egovernment Services
G. Viscusi, D. Cherubini

III.Organizational Change and Impact of IT

9. Individual Adoption of Convergent Mobile Technologies In Italy
S. Basaglia, L. Caporarello, M. Magni, F. Pennarola

10. Organizational Impact of Technological Innovation on the Supply Chain Management in the Healthcare Organizations
M. C. Benfatto, C. Vecchio

11. E-Clubbing: New Trends in Business Process Outsourcing
A. Carugati, C. Rossignoli, L. Mola

12. Externalization of a Banking Information Systems Function: Features and Critical Aspects
N. Casalino, G. Mazzone

13. The Role of Managers and Professionals Within IT Related Change Processes. The Case of Healthcare Organizations
A. Francesconi

14. ICT and Changing Working Relationships: Rational or Normative Fashion?
B. Imperatori, M. Marco

15. Temporal Impacts of Information Technology in Organizations: A Literature Review
D. Isari

16. Learning by Doing Mistakes Improving ICT Systems Through the Evaluation of Application Mistakes
M. F. Izzo, G. Mazzone

17. Innovation, Internationalization, and ICTs: Mediation Effects of Technology on Firms Processes of Growth
L. Marchegiani, F. Vicentini

18. The “Glocalization” of Italcementi Group by Introducing Sap: A Systemic Reading of a Case of Organizational Change
A. Martone, E. Minelli, C. Morelli

19. Interorganizational Systems and Supply Chain Management Support: An Analysis of the Effects of the Interorganizational Relationship
F. Pigni, A. Ravarini

20. Reconfiguring the Fashion Business: The “YOOX” Virtual Boutique Case Study
A. Resca, A. D’Atri

21. Organisation Processes Monitoring: Business Intelligence Systems Role
C. Rossignoli, A. Ferrari

22. The Organizational Impact of CRM in Service Companies with a Highly Advance Technology Profile
R. Virtuani, S. Ferrari

IV.Is in Engineering and in Computer Science

23. Service Semantic Infrastructure for Information System Interoperability
D. Bianchini, V. Antonellis

24. A Solution to Knowledge Management in Information-Based Services Based on Coopetition. A Case Study Concerning Work Market Services
M. Cesarini, M. G. Fugini, P. Maggiolini, M. Mezzanzanica, K. Nanini

V.Governance, Metrics and Economics of IT

25. Analyzing Data Quality Trade-Offs in Data-Redundant Systems
C. Cappiello, M. Helfert

26. The Impact of Functional Complexity on Open Source Maintenance Costs: An Exploratory Empirical Analysis
E. Capra, F. Merlo

27. Evaluation of the Cost Advantage of Application and Context Aware Networking
P. Giacomazzi, A. Poli

28. Best Practices for the Innovative Chief Information Officer
G. Motta, P. Roveri

29. The Role of IS Performance Management Systems in Today’s Enterprise
A. Perego

30. A Methodological Framework for Evaluating Economic and Organizational Impact of IT Solutions
M. Ruffolo, M. Ettorre

VI.Track: Education and Training in Information Systems

31. Surveying Curricula in Information Systems in the Italian Faculties of Economics
V. Albano, M. Contenti, V. S. Runchella

32. Human–Computer Interaction and Systems Security: An Organisational Appraisal
M. Cavallari

33. E-Learning: Role and Opportunities in Adult Education
A. G. Marinelli, M. R. Renzo

VII.Information and Knowledge Management

34. Adding Advanced Annotation Functionalities to an Existing Digital Library System
M. Agosti, N. Ferro

35. Collaborative E-Business and Document Management: Integration of Legacy DMSS with the EBXML Environment
A. Bechini, A. Tomasi, J. Viotto

36. “Field of Dreams” in Knowledge Management Systems: Principles for Enhancing Psychological Attachment Between Person and Knowledge
M. Comuzzi, S. L. Jarvenpaa

37. Knowledge Acquisition by Geographically Isolated Technical Workers: The Emergence of Spontaneous Practices from Organizational and Community-Based Relations
V. Corvello, P. Migliarese

38. Where Does Text Mining Meet Knowledge Management? A Case Study
E. D’Avanzo, A. Elia, T. Kuflik, A. Lieto, R. Preziosi

39. Ad-Hoc Maintenance Program Composition: An Ontological Approach
A. Nicola, M. Missikoff, L. Tininini

40. Knowledge Discovery and Classification of Cooperation Processes for Internetworked Enterprises
F. Folino, G. Greco, A. Gualtieri, A. Guzzo, L. Pontieri

41. Knowledge-Oriented Technologies for the Integration of Networked Enterprises
M. Lenzerini, U. Carletti, P. Ciancarini, N. Guarino, E. Mollona, U. Montanari, P. Naggar, D. Saccà, M. Sebastianis, D. Talia

42. Sub-Symbolic Knowledge Representation for Evocative Chat-Bots
G. Pilato, A. Augello, G. Vassallo, S. Gaglio

43. A Semantic Framework for Enterprise Knowledge Management
M. Ruffolo

VIII.E-Services in Public and Private Sectors

44. Infomediation Value in the Procurement Process: An Exploratory Analysis
T. Bouron, F. Pigni

45. Business Models and E-Services: An Ontological Approach in a Cross-Border Environment
A. M. Braccini, P. Spagnoletti

46. Second Life: A Turning Point for Web 2.0 and E-Business?
M. R. Cagnina, M. Poian

47. Development Methodologies for E-Services in Argentina
P. Fierro

48. Selecting Proper Authentication Mechanisms in Electronic Identity Management (EIDM): Open Issues
P. L. Agostini, R. Naggi

49. A System Dynamics Approach to the Paper Dematerialization Process in the Italian Public Administration
S. Armenia, D. Canini, N. Casalino

50. Public Private Partnership and E-Services: The Web Portal for E-Learning
L. Martiniello


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