Albeverio, Sergio

The Dynamics of Complex Urban Systems

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Table of contents

1. Fifty Years of Urban Modeling: Macro-Statics to Micro-Dynamics
Michael Batty

2. Complexity: the Integrating Framework for Models of Urban and Regional Systems
Peter M. Allen, Mark Strathern, James Baldwin

3. Ontogeny and Ontology in Complex Systems Modeling
Claes Andersson

4. A Model for Asystematic Mobility in Urban Space
Armando Bazzani, Massimiliano Capriotti, Bruno Giorgini, Giuseppina Melchiorre, Sandro Rambaldi, Graziano Servizi, Giorgio Turchetti

5. Preliminary Results of a Multi-Agent Traffic Simulation for Berlin
Ulrike Beuck, Marcel Rieser, David Strippgen, Michael Balmer, Kai Nagel

6. Hybrid Geographical Models of Urban Spatial Structure and Behaviour
Mark Birkin

7. Two Complexities and a Few Models
Ivan Blecic, Arnaldo Cecchini, Giuseppe A. Trunfio

8. Cities as Evolutionary Systems in Random Media
Leonid Bogachev

9. Grilling the Grid: a Non-Ultimate (Nor Objective) Report on the Configurational Approach to Urban Phenomena
Valerio Cutini

10. Validating and Calibrating Integrated Cellular Automata Based Models of Land Use Change
Guy Engelen, Roger White

11. Fractal Geometry for Measuring and Modelling Urban Patterns
Pierre Frankhauser

12. The Dynamics of Complex Urban Systems: Theory and Application of the STASA-Model within the Scatter Project
Günter Haag, Jan Binder

13. Study of Urban Developers’ Behavior in a Game Environment
Erez Hatna, Itzhak Benenson

14. Self-Organization and Optimization of Pedestrian and Vehicle Traffic in Urban Environments
Dirk Helbing, Anders Johansson, Stefan Lämmer

15. Multidimensional Events in Multilevel Systems
Jeffrey Johnson

16. The Simulation of Spatial Change: What Relation Between Knowledge and Modeling? A Proposal and Its Application
Silvana Lombardo, Massimiliano Petri

17. A Structural-Cognitive Approach to Urban Simulation Models
Juval Portugali

18. The Socio-Spatial Dynamics of Systems of Cities and Innovation Processes: a Multi-Level Model
Denise Pumain

19. The Great Return of Large Scale Urban Models: Revival or “Renaissance”?
Giovanni A. Rabino

20. The Multi-Agent Simulation of the Economic and Spatial Dynamics of a Poli-Nucleated Urban Area
Ferdinando Semboloni

21. Modelling the Micro-Dynamics of Urban Systems with Continuum Valued Cellular Automata
Alberto Vancheri, Paolo Giordano, Denise Andrey, Sergio Albeverio

22. Multiplicative Processes and City Sizes
Damián H. Zanette

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Regional Science, Quantitative Geography, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Complexity, Mathematical and Computational Physics, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics

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