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Essays on Transport Economics

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Part I.Demand

2. A Reassessment of the Characterisation of Congestion on an Urban Road Network — Some Theoretical Suggestions and Illustrative Experiments
Truong P. Truong, David A. Hensher

3. Estimation of the Economic Value of Student Urban Travel Time
Pablo Coto-Millán, Vicente Inglada, Miguel A. Pesquera, Rubén Sainz, Nuria Sánchez

4. Price and Income Elasticities for Intercity Public Transport in Spain
Pablo Coto-Millán, Jose Baños-Pino, Gema Carrera-Gómez, Juan Castanedo-Galán, Miguel A. Pesquera, Vicente Inglada, Rubén Sainz

Part II.Supply and Efficiency

5. Classifying Urban Passenger Transportation Services
Wayne K. Talley

6. Analysis of the Allocative Efficiency in Public Firms: the Case of Railway
Pablo Coto-Millán, Jose Baños-Pino, Ana Rodríguez-Alvarez

7. The Effect of Using Aggregated Output in the Economic Analysis of Cargo Handling Operations
Sergio R. Jara-Díaz, Beatriz Tovar de la Fé, Lourdes Trujillo

8. Scale Economies, Elasticities of Substitution and Behaviour of the Railway Transport Costs in Spain
Pablo Coto-Millán, Gema Carrera-Gómez, Vicente Inglada, Ramón Núñez-Sánchez, Juan Castanedo, Miguel A. Pesquera, Rubén Sainz

9. Efficiency Stochastic Frontiers: a Panel Data Analysis for Spanish Airports (1992–1994)
Pablo Coto-Millán, Gema Carrera-Gómez, Juan Castanedo-Galán, Miguel A. Pesquera, Vicente Inglada, Rubén Sainz, Ramón Núñez-Sánchez

10. Multi-Output Analysis of the Costs and Productivity of Cargo Handling in Spanish Ports
Eduardo Martínez-Budría, Juan José Díaz-Hernández

Part III.Market and Economic Impact Studies

11. Economic Impact Study: Application to Ports
Bernard Francou, Gema Carrera-Gómez, Pablo Coto-Millán, Juan Castanedo-Galán, Miguel A. Pesquera

12. Airport Management and Airline Competition in OECD Markets
Germà Bel, Xavier Fageda

13. Dynamising Economic Impact Studies: the Case of the Port of Seville
José I. Castillo, Lourdes López-Valpuesta, María-José Aracil

Part IV.Valuation of Benefits and Costs

14. Estimating the Economic Benefits of Bicycling and Bicycle Facilities: an Interpretive Review and Proposed Methods
Kevin J. Krizec

15. Valuation of Transport Externalities by Stated Choice Methods
Juan de Dios Ortúzar, Luis Ignacio Rizzi

16. Externalities Analysis of Investments in Infrastructure: a Practical Approach
Pablo Coto-Millán, Vicente Inglada, Juan Castanedo-Galán, Miguel A. Pesquera, Ramón Núñez-Sánchez

Part V.Transportation Network and Information and Communications Technology

17. ITS-Based Transport Concepts and Location Preference: Will ITS Change ‘Business as Usual’?
Raffael Argiolu, Rob Heijden, Vincent Marchau

18. The Economics of Transportation Network Growth
Lei Zhang, David Levinson

19. Transport Network Development and the Location of Economic Activity
Adelheid Holl

20. Mapping the Terrain of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Household Travel
Kevin J. Krizec, Andrew Johnson


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