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Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control 8

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Table of contents

Part 1. General Aspects of SQC Methodology

1. How Some ISO Standards Complicate Quality Improvement
Elart Collani, Prank A. Palcat

Part 2. On-line Control

2. Optimal Two-Stage Sequential Sampling Plans by Attributes
Olgierd Hryniewicz

3. Three-Class Sampling Plans: A Review with Applications
Frank A. Palcat

4. CUSUM Control Schemes for Multivariate Time Series
Olha Bodnar, Wolfgang Schmid

5. The Art of Evaluating Monitoring Schemes — How to Measure the Performance of Control Charts?
Sven Knoth

6. Misleading Signals in Joint Schemes for μ and σ

Manuel Cabral Morais, António Pacheco

7. The Fréchet Control Charts
Edyta Mrówka, Przemysław Grzegorzewski

8. Reconsidering Control Charts in Japan
Ken Nishina, Kazuyoshi Kuzuya, Naru Ishii

9. Control Charts for the Number of Children Injured in Traffic Accidents
F. Pokropp, W. Seidel, A. Begun, M. Heidenreich, K. Sever

10. A New Perspective on the Fundamental Concept of Rational Subgroups
Marion R. Reynolds, Zachary G. Stoumbos

11. Economic Advantages of CUSUM Control Charts for Variables
Erwin M. Saniga, Thomas P. McWilliams, Darwin J. Davis, James M. Lucas

12. Choice of Control Interval for Controlling Assembly Processes
Tomomichi Suzuki, Taku Harada, Yoshikazu Ojima

13. Generalization of the Run Rules for the Shewhart Control Charts
Seiichi Yasui, Yoshikazu Ojima, Tomomichi Suzuki

14. Robust On-Line Turning Point Detection. The Influence of Turning Point Characteristics
E. Andersson

15. Specification Setting for Drugs in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Jørgen Iwersen, Henrik Melgaard

16. Monitoring a Sequencing Batch Reactor for the Treatment of Wastewater by a Combination of Multivariate Statistical Process Control and a Classification Technique
Magda Ruiz, Joan Colomer, Joaquim Melendez

Part 3. Off-line Control

17. Data Mining and Statistical Control - A Review and Some Links
Rainer Göb

18. Optimal Process Calibration under Nonsymmetric Loss Function
Przemysław Grzegorzewski, Edyta Mrówka

19. The Probability of the Occurrence of Negative Estimates in the Variance Components Estimation by Nested Precision Experiments
Yoshikazu Ojima, Seiichi Yasui, Feng Ling, Tomomichi Suzuki, Taku Harada

20. Statistical Methods Applied to a Semiconductor Manufacturing Process
Takeshi Koyama

21. An Overview of Composite Designs Run as Split-Plots
Geoff Vining, Scott Kowalski

Keywords: Statistics, Statistical Theory and Methods, Statistics for Business/Economics/Mathematical Finance/Insurance, Industrial and Production Engineering, Operations Research/Decision Theory

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